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Nov 3, 2013 05:36 AM

Where to buy a Thanksgiving dinner to serve at home?

I am starting a job in Phoenix and will come back home in the nick of time for Thanksgiving. Since I won't be home with enough time to prepare I'm thinking to buy the meal from a store or farm or somewhere and cook it at home. I can cook the turkey and heat things up, I just can't plan it out and do the shopping this year. So, does anyone know of a place where I can buy a decent Thanksgiving meal? I'm in metro west.

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  1. You can order all of it or some of it cooked from Fireplace Grill in Brookline and I understand you can do the same from Roche Brothers. I haven't done it but I would guess they'd both be ok.

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      Though I mostly cook from scratch, I have been pleased, over the years, with every item from Roche Bros. instore kitchen that I have bought. Since they do a great job with, for example, steak tips and sweet&sour brisket, I would expect them to know how to prepare a tasty turkey and stuffing. Their sides are always good, too. You can even get the whole thing delivered for a $10 fee.

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        We ordered Thanksgiving from RB two years ago and it was perfectly fine and plenty of food. If you have convictions about how stuffing or gravy should taste, know that it's on the bland side so you should consider making your own. The other sides were good.

    2. Two years ago I got the Thanksgiving dinner from Summer Shack (locations in Cambridge, Dedham and Boston) and was quite pleased. You have your pick of a fried or roast turkey, which was an easy choice for me: fried -- and it was very good. The sides were good, too, and with the addition of a few home-cooked veggie dishes, it made for a satisfying, low-hassle feast.
      The meal was good and priced low enough that I considered getting it again last year, but the price had gone up considerably. Just checked and it might have gone up again -- it's now $135, without the pie, which was included as part of the deal when I got it.
      Now that I think of it, Blue Ribbon BBQ also does a complete take-out Thanksgiving dinner. I haven't tried it -- and it's no bargain -- but take a look:

      1. I attended a "post thanksgiving" thanksgiving dinner two years ago and the entire meal came from Whole Foods. It was surprisingly decent. It was there I discovered their turkey gravy which is very good.

        1. It may be a hike for you but Gerards Turkey farm in Marshfield is time tested awesome. However you would need to book soon as it may get backed up.

          1. Neillio's Gourmet Farm in Lexington is quite good at this.

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              I usually like Nellios hot dishes, but last week, I tried their stuffing. It had so many herbs in it, that they were the only flavor you could tast. I didn't like it at all. On the other hand, just for the holidays, Whole Foods has one of my favs. It's a cornbread sausage stuffing and it's delicious.