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Nov 3, 2013 05:01 AM

Where to find vintage Cast Iron?

Been searching for old Griswold or Wagner pieces. Have a newer skillet that I really like, but from what I've seen the machining was significantly better 50+ years ago, so you get a smoother surface. Anyone know of places in and around GTA where I can find these without paying antique/collectibles prices?

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  1. Not GTA, but ebay is the best place I've found for these.

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      Only concerns I have are buying a really old piece without actually seeing it, and the cost of shipping... what's your experience been with buying off eBay? Pieces generally as advertised? Shipping cost worth it?

      1. re: AaronE

        I've bought two pieces (one Wagner, one Griswold), both in excellent condition. I only go with sellers who have several photos of the piece and who have a high sellers rating.

        Mind you, with cast iron, you can easily ignore crud and rust, since they are fairly easy to restore.

        I definitely paid more than what you would at a garage sale, but the pans will last a lifetime and are certainly no more expensive than a good quality new pan (like All Clad or Calphalon).

    2. Don't know about Canada, but I've found some "vintage" Griswold & Wagner pieces at yard sales & thrift stores. Usually pretty crusty but DIRT cheap. If weather is cold & oven remotely needs a cleaning, a run thru self-clean cycle will usually reduce unknown crud to ashes. In hot weather, when using self-clean is LAST thing I'd wanna do, I go quick & dirty with spray oven cleaner. After cleaned up, just a good seasoning and plenty of use.

      1. Check Craigslist - search for "Vintage Cast Iron".
        On Oct. 23, there is a post for three cast iron fry pans. One of the is a Wagner. Good luck!

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          Awesome... thanks! Just emailed seller... hopefully they're still available.