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Nov 3, 2013 04:42 AM

Fish Taco in Cabin John

It was close. We were tired. Decided to give it a try. Small, nice decor. You order at the counter, take a number card to your table, and await your food. There are indeed three fish tacos on the menu - no fish identified, but your choice of fried, blackened, or grilled. $12 bucks for two. The food is tasty but the portions are very skimpy. The fish couldn't have been more than 2 x 2 inches. The side that is included consists of black beans and Mexican rice or what I think of a "restaurant Mexican rice" as I've never encountered this dish anywhere in Mexico. All tacos are flour. No choice of corn. Appear to be freshly made. The tortilla chips are not freshly made. They have Negro Modelo on draft. That made us happy.

Basically, just OK. Were it not for convenience, I wouldn't go there. I suspect that the dearth of restaurants in this area will give it an extended life, much as has been the case for Wild Tomato. High hopes for a place owned by the owners of Persimmon have been dashed. It is mediocre with bizarre service - the teenagers are not trained and have bad attitudes. And the food is meh. But it survives because there are so few restaurants in this area.

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  1. Sounds like you'd have been better off with fish tacos at a Baja Fresh which, on good days, at good locations, are actually pretty decent.

    Is Fish Taco the name of the place, or was it so disappointing that you didn't mention it by name?

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    1. re: MikeR

      It is the name of the place.

      As to Baja Fresh:

      1. We were way too tired to deal with the Bethesda parking wars.
      2. Exactly how are we supposed to know in advance if it is a good day at a particular location?

      Really good fish tacos at Tavern at River Falls though pricier, of course.

    2. Fish Taco is from the Food Wine & Co owners from Bethesda. Hard to understand why you would dilute a brand by having marginal food. One can hope that owners will read reviews from CHers and make improvements.

      1. Slight correction: Persimmon & Wild Tomato have same owners; while Fish Taco is owned by Food, Wine, & Co in Bethesda.

        That said, we were a little disappointed in Fish Taco also. The service and the food were mediocre, and please don't serve me an expensive microbrew in a plastic cup.

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        1. re: Lewes

          Sorry for the confusion. In alluding to the ownership of Wild tomato, I didn't mean to imply that they owned Fish Taco. I was saying that both Wild Tomato and Fish Taco are disappointing and this was especially the case fir Wild Tomato given how wonderful it's owners other restaurant has been for so many years. baffling unless you figure that they figure that you don't have to try very hard in that location. Still don't you want to take pride in your work?