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Nov 2, 2013 05:45 PM

Corn Chex?? Where to find in Toronto

Anyone know where to buy plain corn chex in the GTA

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  1. I've never seen Chex of any kind in Canada. Are you making nuts and bolts? Life cereal might be a good substitute.

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    1. re: crawfish

      they're just about everywhere now - corn and rice. sometimes they are in the organic/gluten free sections. the real question is where to get chex mix. just about every dollarama has small bags but are there any other places?

      1. re: crawfish

        I use Crispix in homemade party mixes. I find it works better at catching the seasoning than Life, and is less sweet than Shreddies.

      2. you could contact these stores..

        Loblaws at Bayview and Sheppard
        Sobey’s store at Queensway and Kipling

        Referenced from a 2011 article

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        1. re: youdonut

          Know you are looking in GTA but Sobey's Fenlon Falls always have them and I have seen in other Sobey's in GTA

        2. thanks for the replies all.

          I have also seen some of the flavored Chex cereals around the GTA, but i am still looking for the plain Corn Chex.

          Will starting checking Sobey's but if anyone has actual visual siting of the Corn Chex let us know.


          1. As well, while i love the Chex in party mix, I like to simply EATthe Corn Chex (either str8 up as a snack or with milk)

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