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Corn Chex?? Where to find in Toronto

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Anyone know where to buy plain corn chex in the GTA

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  1. I've never seen Chex of any kind in Canada. Are you making nuts and bolts? Life cereal might be a good substitute.

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      they're just about everywhere now - corn and rice. sometimes they are in the organic/gluten free sections. the real question is where to get chex mix. just about every dollarama has small bags but are there any other places?

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        I use Crispix in homemade party mixes. I find it works better at catching the seasoning than Life, and is less sweet than Shreddies.

        1. re: prima

          I love Crispix!

      2. you could contact these stores..

        Loblaws at Bayview and Sheppard
        Sobey’s store at Queensway and Kipling

        Referenced from a 2011 article http://katieskitchen1.wordpress.com/t...

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          Know you are looking in GTA but Sobey's Fenlon Falls always have them and I have seen in other Sobey's in GTA

        2. thanks for the replies all.

          I have also seen some of the flavored Chex cereals around the GTA, but i am still looking for the plain Corn Chex.

          Will starting checking Sobey's but if anyone has actual visual siting of the Corn Chex let us know.


          1. As well, while i love the Chex in party mix, I like to simply EATthe Corn Chex (either str8 up as a snack or with milk)

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              it's the good kind of crack