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IDEA: Add a location option when posting to the location boards

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Love the site and what Chowhound brings to foodies like me looking to eat well. One of my annoyances with the site is having to use a regional board (Northern New England) but not knowing which posts are local to me without opening them. I would love if there was an option to either add the specific location or even a drop-down for the regions within a region (like Central Mass, Western Mass, Central Conn, etc). Even better would be this PLUS the ability to specify the sub-region within the Board I frequent....

But I'll keep coming back, too much good food out there to try and this is still the best way to find out where it's hiding..... ;-)

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  1. I think the easiest is if posters would indicate enough in their title to get a vague notion of the location. For instance, if I post on the Southwest board about Reno, my first word in the title is always "Reno."

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      Easiest? Yes. Likely to happen most of the time? No....