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Nov 2, 2013 02:01 PM


What is the general feeling about Carbone-worth the $??

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  1. A very over priced (and over rated) red sauce joint. Food is very good, but so are many, many other NYC spots at about half the price.

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      1. re: MrGrumpy

        if you want to overpay for red-sauce Italian, i'd sooner go to patsy's (or, if outer boroughs are in play, don peppe on lefferts boulevard). both are too pricey, but both deliver more bang for your buck in terms of a meal (albeit with less chance of sighting a B-list actor romancing a C-list model).

    1. They do some things very well and you will generally have an interesting meal, but many times they are too uneven at their (high) price-point.

      In other words, it's the perfect expense-account restaurant, which is not unlike so many other places in NYC.

      1. I agree...Food is uneven; prices high but a very fun vibe with lots of pretty eye candy all around.