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Nov 2, 2013 12:56 PM

Up in Smoke BBQ Stand on Liberty Rd (just outside of beltway)

Couldn't help but to stop here as the smoke out of their BBQ/smoker hooks your nose even just driving through. The owner said they set up shop on a parking lot here to start serving varieties of smoked and BBQ fares by noon. While I am not an expert, I had a just-out-of-the-grill half chicken that was not smothered in thick sauce and was flavorful along with side of their bbq sauce that was tangy with light spice. Skin had nice smoke flavor. Quality of chicken itself is so so. The bbq man there does the drumstick wiggle test for doneness and says he cooks the chicken for 4 hrs. Interesting place.

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  1. The drunstick wiggle? How about a thermometer...needs to be 165 degrees, the wiggle is a great way to over/under cook chicken!

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      You may BYOT, but the "stick"-age (as in corkage) for it might cost you... : )

    2. Excellent ribs and pit beef as well. iI the Ollies/Shoppeers Food lot. Been going there for a few years and have never been disappointed by quality. They do sell out by mid-afternoon, or when they take their rig to Morgan State homecoming!

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        Yes, that's the location. Neat. Will have to try other stuff too.