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Nov 2, 2013 12:45 PM

Recommendations for Brisket, Turkey and Ham for holiday party

I belong to a club that is having a holiday party for about 150 the first week of December and we'd like to get the 3 above mentioned main dishes cooked and hot for our dinner. If they were sliced that would be even better but it's not a deal breaker. We don't need or want delivery we can pick up just looking for recommendations of places. I've been searching and the only choices I can find for brisket are Famous Dave's, Rollin Smoke, John Mull's and Sassy Sal's. Ham I can only find Honey Baked Ham and turkey I'm finding Popeye's. I've checked the local supermarkets and because it's not TDay or Xmas they say no, so any other ideas? Only restriction is the Summerlin general area.
Thanks in Advance!

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    Check out the Great Basin Cooking Co. 702-398-7279

    Every year he does smoked turkeys, briskets, ribs etc. Rik is an award winning BBQ'r. He has done events from small to very large all over from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City.

    1. Thought I'd post my decision. I am going with Sassy Sal's BBQ. They are doing all 3 meats for me, slicing them ready to serve and providing sauces on the side and at what seems to be a reasonable price. We ended up with 120 people when reservations were cut off last night so I'll be placing the order any second now. Will report back on how it turned out in case anyone else ever looks for something like this. BigGun thanks for the recommendation, it seems great, just not right for what we needed this time.