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Nov 2, 2013 12:32 PM

Recs for 24 hours in Baltimore?

Hi. I'll be in Baltimore for about 24 hours this week -- two breakfasts, one lunch, one dinner. Not looking to spend a lot of money.

I'm bringing my bike on Amtrak, so I'd prefer places within 3-4 miles of Penn Station.

For dinner, my vegetarian friend will be along. For breakfast/lunch, well, I like everything.

Also, I'd love to get some good local MD/PA apples. Any good places for local produce, close to downtown, on a Thursday in November?


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    1. On the apples front, I don't know offhand of any farmers markets still operating this late that are open Thursday. You might try Mill Valley General Store, which is near Penn Station and carries a lot of local produce.

      For dinner, near Penn Station, two suggestions are Tapas Teatro, which has a ton of vegetarian options. The Brewer's Art has excellent food, brews its own beer, and will have some veg dishes as well.

      One lunch suggestion is across the street from Penn Station at Kader's Cafe Mocha. It's an odd place and the food takes a while, but their chicken curry sandwich is, essentially, chicken curry on a large roll. Sound odd, but very tasty. The salmon wrap is also excellent.

      Four other Italian lunch suggestions, all within striking distance:

      1. Little Italty -- either Isabella's Brick Oven Pizza for great pizzas or excllent subs (esp porchetta), or Cafe Piedigrotta for best Italian pastries and hot foods for lunch. Owner says that he invented tiramisu, and some evidence supports this.
      2. East-side: DiPasquale's near Highlandtown for a terrific, time capsule-like Italian deli with also tables to eat lunch at.
      3. West: trinacria -- like DiPasquale's, but smaller. No tables.

      Another poss for breakfast would be Patisserie Poupon, downtown, with very fine French pastries and I think coffee as well. There are sometables, but it's not a place to linger. I have also enjoyed SpoonsCafe in Federal Hill, though the food is nothing special.

      1. For your dinner w/ vegetarian friend, I would suggest The Helmand .... Afghani food and very casual ..... more vegetarian choices than protein. Less than 10 blocks from station on Charles St.

        1. Do you like Indian? My favorite Indian restaurant is Akbar, which is perhaps a mile south of the station on Charles. It also has a great selection of vegetarian dishes. Around the Hopkins campus, maybe a mile north on Charles, there are also great, reasonably priced places. I really like One World Cafe, which is actually a vegetarian restaurant. It has great, fresh food (I love the chili) and also great breakfast choices (my son thinks the waffles are one of the best in the city). Definitely go to Papermoon for breakfast, which is also by JHU on 29th. The decor is fabulous and fun (there are cases full of vintage Pez dispensers and funky toys everywhere), and the menu has everything! Enjoy your visit!!!

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            Akbar is certainly convenient to PS, but it's not very good. Better on the inexpensive side would be Mughal Gardens on Charles St,and on the more expensive side (but not a lot more than Akbar) would be Indigma, also on Charles. There's also a great veg (Gujarat) place in Parkville, pavan foods, but that requires a car.

            One World is fine for breakfast, but the food's not very high quality in my experience. However, it is vegetarian.

            Paper Moon is charming, in its way, but I really detest the food. It's best at breakfast, but that's not saying much. If you head north to Hopkins, a much tastier choice would be Donnas of Charles Village.

            Two other cheap suggestions near PS for lunch, both on Preston - Soups On (self -explanatory) and Shapiros (falafel and stuffed grape leaves at one end, corned beef at the other). And finally, a bonus cheap place for all three meals - On the Hill Cafe - also not far from PS.

            1. re: lawhound

              I'm surprised that you don't like Akbar. I think it's actually the best indian in the city hands-down! And I forgot to note another great, cheap place-- Dukem for Ethiopian!

              1. re: stephanieg

                To prove I'm not contrarian, I agree with you about Dukem.

                On Akbar, the cooking is just not as refined as any of the others mentioned. And I'm not even talking about a place like the Ambassadfor, where the food is well-prepared, and the surroundings are beautiful, but the spicing is consistently too mild.

          2. Another veg possibility for dinner would be the Helmand for Afgnan.