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Nov 2, 2013 10:13 AM

Christmas in Yarra Valley

My wife and I are going to be on honeymoon in Australia in December. We were planning on spending the 24th and 25th wine tasting in the Yarra Valley. We were curious what wineries (if any) might be open for tastings on the 25th? We noticed that a few have big Christmas lunches and were also wondering if anyone has any recommendations for those?

I read on this forum that most will be open on the 24th, but will there be reduced hours?

We got a membership to the Wine Companion website to do some research, but it doesn't really say much about which wineries are open during holidays.

We live in California and visit Napa every other month (and have a few wine club memberships there), so we have some experience doing this (just not in Australia).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Unless it's thrown in with the lunch, places will not be open for tastings on 25th. It's just too quiet and staff too expensive.

    I wouldn't trust second hand opinion so I'd contact the Yarra Valley tourist offices and check for 24/25/26. As I posted in another thread, I'd expect everything up and running 27th for the influx of tourists.

    In terms of Christmas lunch, the people I know generally go for the big family set lunch at a mid-range winery (Rochford rings a bell). Assuming they're open, the best restaurants in the Valley are the Healesville Hotel and the various bits of Yering; the RACV club may do a buffet as well.