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Nov 2, 2013 09:08 AM

Thanksgiving Dinner in Merrimack Valley or North of Boston

I'm Looking for a place that serves Thanksgiving Dinner. The list seems to be shorter this year for the Methuen area and points north. We will have a couple of older diners, so I would like to keep the traveling to a minimum. Have already noted that On the Bone of Andover will be serving a buffet with three seatings. Buono Bistro of North Andover advised us to check back in a week. They served last year, but this does not sound too promising. Ten Center Street in Newburyport also has a menu, but that is a little far for us. Any places in the Valley or towards the Lowell area or even southern NH (Salem, Derry) that you know of? Much appreciated!

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  1. just did a quick search, Burton's Grille in North Andover seems to be accepting reservations on the website, for Nov. 28.

      1. Thanks for the replies. Just did a couple of searches. Maria's in Haverhill looks promising:

        1. You are so correct in that not so many restaurants doing Thanksgiving this year. I know it is hard to take an elderly person to a buffet and several multiplies that. I am not sure if this is too far, but Warrens Lobster House in Kittery is doing a huge meal on Thanksgiving...check out their website: They have valet parking and have a lot of senior clientelle. Nothing in Andover and Lowell that I am aware of...good luck. One more thought...The Lowell Inn and Conference Center???


          1. Thanks for the suggestions ParisLady. Didn't find anything on the Conference Centers website, but will certainly scour out the Lowell area.