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Nov 2, 2013 09:03 AM

Breakfast help [San Francisco]

We will be staying at the Four Seasons next week and need some breakfast ideas. Love to walk (within reason). Either pastries and coffee or a full breakfast, doesn't matter. Suggestions? Thanks so much.

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  1. Even a dim sum restaurant could work too.

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    1. re: xoxohh

      There's no dim sum near there open for breakfast.

      Cafe de la Presse, La Boulange de Yerba Buena

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Thanks for responding. As I mentioned, I love to walk, so even a 45 minute or an hour walk is fine.....

        1. re: xoxohh

          There are a bunch of cheap dim sum places at the far end of Chinatown that open early. I think some are takeout only. Look for reports on:

          ABC Bakery Cafe
          Delicious Dim Sum
          Dol Ho (lots of reports here)
          Garden Restaurant
          Good Mong Kok Bakery
          Grant Place
          Happy Chinese
          Peninsula Seafood
          Wong Lee
          You's Dim Sum

          1. re: xoxohh

            My favorite breakfast place is The Pork Store at 1451 Haight. Classic All-American breakfast at the highest quality and not unreasonably expensive. You can look around the Haight while there. I would walk one way and take a bus or taxi the other. I think it is about an hour's walk. (Google says 53 min.) More downhill coming back downtown.

      2. I recommend Mission Beach Cafe and Plow. Excellent breakfast choices, but you may need to take the bus to get there as they're not exactly 'walking distance'.

        I also can recommend Dottie's True Blue Cafe, which is a reasonable walk, but it's kind of a ghetto area, but definitely pretty good.

        1. Blue Bottle Coffee @ Mint Plaza

          You should definitely walk to the Ferry Building for breakfast one day--if you're in town on Saturday, the Farmer's Market will have added breakfast treats--but other days, there are lovely places to get coffee et. al.

          Walk up to Chinatown for dumplings or Chinese breakfast--I'd do a search on the Board for "Chinatown breakfast" or "Chinatown dim sum" to find a myriad of suggestions

          Re other suggestions: Mission Beach would be too big of a hike, imo, and not a particularly nice one. But I'd definitely recommend Dottie's True Blue--it's not far--some blocks, a bit rough around the edges, but I wouldn't worry about the neighborhood in the daylight (and I'm a worrier).