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Nov 2, 2013 08:48 AM

winter squash soup

I have a bunch of random squashes from farm share. I love smitten kitchen's squash soup but was wondering if I can I use the squash I have on hand? I have 1 delicata, 1 dumpling, 1 hubbard and 2 small sugar pumpkins. I think these would all work well but any one with more squash experience have any thoughts?

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  1. Squashed are pretty interchangeable.

    1. I love that soup too and have made it before with other types of squashes. Most recently, a blend of acorn and buttercup.

      1. I'd use them all...they're not only interchangeable, but also quite good in combination.

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          I would keep the delicata for a recipe that calls for it to be sliced in half-rounds, which is pretty. The other 3 would be great in combination in a soup. Maybe divide the squashes in half and make two different soups. I made a squash soup recently that had ground cumin cooked with the soup, but then the finished soup was garnished with whole cumin seeds, Aleppo pepper flakes and mint, that were all sauteed quickly in butter. The vibrant red butter with the seeds and flecks of mint looked beautiful against the pureed squash soup.

        2. I would set aside the delicata, it is just so wonderful simply sliced and roasted.... But it would also work as well as the others for the soup