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Bethel Parkk?

Linda VH Nov 2, 2013 07:06 AM

Going to a hockey tournament (again) and was given a couple of names near the rink (Bladerunners) and the other rink (Ice Castle. We were given
Frank's Pub & Grill and Cain's Saloon. Any suggestions? The boys are 17/18 and I believe there are games on so I went with sports bar/grills.

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  1. e
    Effort RE: Linda VH Nov 2, 2013 05:15 PM

    Primanti's in Mt Lebanon
    Someone Else's Bar in Castle Shannon behind Ice Castle..small but good food and TV's.

    1. m
      mb luvs SBH RE: Linda VH Nov 3, 2013 01:57 PM

      Second Someone Else's Bar, especially over Cain's. Fun menu, candy on the tables, great sandwiches.

      You are close to Mt Lebanon, especially at the Ice Castle, which has one of the best pizza places in Pittsburgh- Il Pizziaolo. More upscale and expensive but great food.

      1. b
        Burghfeeder RE: Linda VH Nov 4, 2013 07:11 AM

        And I will second Il Pizziaolo. It may be the best quality pizza you ever have, but be aware, it's more of a sit down restaurant than pizza joint, and the price reflects that...That said, it's worth it!


        1. p
          Panini Guy RE: Linda VH Nov 4, 2013 07:31 PM

          If there must be TVs... well, I loathe to recommend Primanti's, but the kids would probably like it. Cain's is a fairly serious bar environment, I wouldn't recommend that. Kids would probably also like Stonepeppers, which is awful for those of us with taste buds, but they've got a menu that's appropriate, plus lots of TVs. Plenty of chain places nearby as well in the South Hills Village mall and Galleria.

          1. e
            Effort RE: Linda VH Nov 6, 2013 11:21 AM

            Just remembered that the Walnut Grill has a place in Mt Lebanon. The bar area has TV's. Food is OK but a little more expensive. It it near Il Pizzaiolo noted by Burghfeeder. Il Pizzaiolo has really good pizza but no TV's.

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