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Nov 2, 2013 05:31 AM

Your best vegan Thanksgiving side dishes

I make turkey for Thanksgiving, but have a lot of health-conscious eaters in the crowd so I always make all the sides vegan. But my goal is for every single dish to be equally as delicious as traditional ones loaded with butter/cheese/sausage, etc. I'm a chowhound, after all! Anyway, here are my favorite healthy sides. Please add yours!

Chestnut Apple Dressing - with whole wheat bread

Garlic and Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes

Pureed Roasted Squash and Yams with Citrus

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Maple Mustard Glaze

Green Beans Amandine - I leave out the butter

Vegan Gravy

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  1. Brussels Sprouts Hash with Caramelized Shallots

    I make this vegan without the butter. I also caramelize the shallots properly, not the silly 10 minutes stated in the recipe.

    Red and Black Rice Stuffing with Red Lentils

    1. Puréed carrots and rutabaga with coconut milk

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        Take a look at the ottolenghi cookbooks many striking and delicious dishes there. A favorite of ours is also broccoli raab sauteed with garlic chopped parsley raisins and pine nuts in olive oil

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          This year we made a great and relatively simple dish from Ottolenghi's Jerusalem book which disappeared in a flash - the recipe is for wedged and roasted (unpeeled) butternut squash and purple onions drizzled with tahina and sprinkled with fried pinenuts, zaatar and parsley. We made it with sweet potato wedges instead

          Simple, great flavor blend a real hit

      2. I like simply roasted brussels sprouts with just olive oil and salt. Since I hate turkey with a passion, I eat mainly sides. Every Thanksgiving I make a huge pot of mushroom barley soup. I don't make it vegan, but it can easily be made that way by substituting olive oil for butter, and porcini mushroom broth for beef broth, and it would taste the same- I use porcini soaking water anyway.

        1. Frijoles refritos! I'm a chili purist...I don't include beans in my chili, but serve beans as a side dish. Yes, chili can be served on il giorno di Ringraziamento (Thanksgiving Day) much later after the turkey dinner, and so can refried beans.

          1. Mashed rutabaga with vegan gravy

            Green bean casserole- instead of using cream of mushroom soup, make a white sauce and add sauteed mushrooms

            Roasted brussels sprouts, or sauteed with earth balance, then add a bit of sugar and cider vinegar

            Pureed sweet potatoes with chipotle peppers