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Nov 1, 2013 07:47 PM

What's with this Jell-O Ad? What were they thinking???

Its not often that a food product advertisement genuinely offends me, but a Jell-o ad currently running in Southern Living (November, 2013) has struck a nerve. The issue is Thanksgiving-oriented, and Jell-o put their ad across 2 pages (p 112-113) with the heading, "Anything can go wrong during the holidays. Except these." The "these" are Maple Pumpkin Pie bars that may be foo-proof to make. But the backdrop here is tragic- the "anything can go wrong" is pictured as the room going up in flames- the curtains, the fall wreath over the mantle, a paper greeting of "Give Thanks" draped in front of the burning fireplace. The walls are blackening from the flames and smoke. Disgusting! There are so many homes that do burn up over the holidays for a miriad of reasons. Familes left homeless and injured or worse. Nothing cute or charming about the setting. If family members should be fleeing for their lives, the sweet plate of Maple Pumpkin Pie bars is the last thing they need to be concerned about.
Excuse the rant, but I can't imagine a more inappropiate ad campaign. I could never make or eat a "Maple Pumpkin Pie Bar" without the horrid burning room image going along with it- probably not what the Jell-o ad gurus wanted.

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  1. I don't think I could bring myself to actually buy their pumpkin flavored pudding mix anyway.

    And a few of their ads of late have been kinda off.

    1. Exaggeration? Reminds me of the tornado victim, an elderly woman who is being interviewed by reporters in front of her house that's been completely toppled over. She says "I can't find my dog" and then...

      Except instead of a tornado and dog, it's a fire and pumpkin bars.

      Btw, that video gives me chills! If you haven't seen it

      1. I completely agree. Maybe the company should at least take a look at where these advertisements are being distributed. Being from Stamford, CT where there was the most horrific Christmas day fire, they should be ashamed. Whoever dreamed up this ad should be fired if this is what they think the holidays are about.

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        1. re: stamfordctdiane

          Many of these ad directors are young and inexperienced. Not an excuse, but a fact. It's hard work to be creative & intelligent and get your point across. It's lazy writing.

        2. One time there was this Tide ad with a guy at a job interview with a stained shirt and he didn't get the job because of that stain and I was like WTF that happened to someone I don't know somewhere in the country and it's so INSENSITIVE of Tide to make fun of a shirt stained job seeker...

          The I realized it's just an ad that doesn't affect me at all so I relaxed and had a cookie

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