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Nov 1, 2013 07:38 PM

Spice Mixes/Seasoned Salts - preferences please...

While I use individual seasoning/herbs, et cet, most of the time, for certain things a premade mix is fine. Can I get some good suggestions from you folks as to what you prefer? Examples of things I like would be Cavender's, Johnny's, Everglades Seasoning. And I don't care if it's MSG-free or not. THANKS!

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  1. In a seasoned salt my favorite by far is Herbamare. The dominant flavors are leek and celery, and it's made by an unusual process where herbs and spices are dissolved with sea salt and aged, then dried. Every crystal has the full taste. It's wonderful stuff and I use it almost anywhere I would put plain salt.

    Another good one is Spike. Not as delicate and refined as Herbamare, this is broader and fairly complex, with overtones of curry and citrus. In situations where subtlety is less of a concern, it's an interesting alternative to more typical seasoned salts.

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      I am a fan of Herbamare for a seasoning salt too. Perfect for eggs and really shines on more delicate veggies.

      Also, Chefs Shake by The Spice Hunter, is a favorite blend. No salt, just flavor. I learned about this product through Elana's Pantry Recipes. She uses it in several things ( like savory homemade crackers). Wow, is it good. I have not found it in a grocery store, but ordered off of Amazon.

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        thx, will try Herbamare, never even heard of it

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          You won't be sorry! I agree with sedimental; it's subtle enough not to upstage your veggies, and it's really great on eggs. And popcorn. And in casseroles. And with any sort of starches: pasta, potatoes, breads. Oatmeal. BĂȘchamel sauce. And it's a wonderful companion to unsalted butter.

          Have I mentioned that I love this stuff?

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            I will 3rd the rec for Herbamare. In that same vein, I also like's a good all-purpose seasoning that harmonizes well with coarsely ground black pepper.

            I am also a big fan of DennyMike's Chick Magnet's made for chicken as the name suggests, but in my house we enjoy it as a coating for tofu!

            For something with a little more dominant flavor, I like "The Gourmet Collection" Garlic & Herb blend. It's got a bit of salt it in and tastes great on vegetables!

            1. re: pickledtink

              I just picked up Trocomare which was next to the Herbamare and am excited to try it.

          2. I'm unsure if you're asking about spice mixes generally or particular producers as you mention what I assume are producers that you like.

            Assuming the former, then I only use a handful of spice mixes - ras-al-hanout, garam masala, za'atar and Chinese 5 spice. I also usually have herbes de Provence but that's obviously herbs not spices so is probably outside of your interest.

            1. A few years ago, I made up several different seasoning blends to package as holiday gifts. Found a recipe for Emeril's "BAM" and several others online. It works nicely as an all-purpose seasoning on meat/fish & nice addition for seasoning flour or bread crumbs. My brother said it was good for "blackened" fish.

              Though many of the recipes did contain salt, that was not the ingredient... unlike most store brands. I think amounts could almost be arbitrary?? If ya like things HOT, add more cayenne, etc.

              1. I received a pepper blend called Pirate's Bite as a gift and love it! It has some heat but also has a nice depth of flavor. The seller's description describes it as hot but I feel it is moderate. YMMV!


                1. I love Emeril's basic seasoning blend for most uses, especially roasted chicken or home fries.

                  I've noticed that many of the various store brands of spices often have a "soul seasoning" blend, which varies quite dramatically from brand to brand. I like to try a bunch of these out from time to time, and since they are a store brand they are usually dirt cheap.

                  Another one that I found interesting was the Pride Of Szeged brand Chicken Seasoning. It comes in a green tin can. It's rather gritty with big pieces of spices, so I usually give it a whir in my spare coffee grinder to make it more powdery. But what surprised me was how much it tasted like KFC's chicken - it's incredibly close in flavor. The only thing I don't like about it is that it gives the chicken a rather odd dark brown color.

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