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Nov 1, 2013 07:04 PM

Good eats in Franklin MA/ Northern RI

I'm looking to take my mom out for dinner tomorrow night. She lives in Franklin MA and we like checking out small places with great food or that specialize in something. (Like Beef Barn, Kay's sandwiches, Ye Olde Fish & Chips...)
We like more casual or old school no frills type places, I was thinking someplace Italian-American but we'd would take anything under consideration.


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  1. If it were the Franklin of my youth I'd recommend The Rome in downtown, but now I'd get a more recent review of the place before I went. At the moment I'm in Wrentham and for lunch today I had cuban food at Havana Cafe on 1A in north Attleboro. It's just barely south of Plainville and fairly close to the outlets. I was intrigued by Yelp photos of a roasting pig on a Caja China. Lechon is not on their regular menu but it was on the specials board for later in the evening. I had a Cubano, a croquette and some frijoles negro. And all of it was pretty darn good. When I'm back in the area I will have to make sure to try the lechon before making a final judgement. But considering what else is in that area, it's worth a shot.

    1. An alternative to the mentioned casual places could be a traditional RI family chicken dinner. Wrights in Harrisville (Thur - Sun - essentially a large hall) is decent. We prefer the quality at the Bocci Club in Woonsocket (outstanding oven potatoes), but its building is very dated (interior as well as exterior), which some find uninviting.

      Haven't been, but I've heard good things about the chicken dinners at the Village Haven in North Smithfield - reportedly better quality plus much nicer ambiance vs. the prementioned, but also at a somewhat higher price.

      (Beef Barn is a favorite of ours. Although we live towards the southern part of the state, we stop there perhaps once / mo - whenever we are in / passing through the area.)

      1. I like Andrew's in Woonsocket, d. Carlo or Blackie's Tavern in Smithfield. The British Beer Company is pretty good in Franklin!