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Nov 1, 2013 05:43 PM

Good gastropub/ pub or comfort food post race

Looking for a good gastropub type place post marathon. I really enjoy a nice craft beer selection and good comfort room after a long race.

Places on my radar so far have been standard tap, good dog bar and south Philadelphia tap room. Any thoughts?

Open to other suggestions! Thanks in advance

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  1. SPTR is the best gastropub in the city, they just revamped their menu for their 10th anniversary and it's better than ever. Check the beer list before you go, though, their beers tend to be mostly high-octane, intensely flavored IPAs, porters, etc, with relatively few lighter styles. If you'd like a more balanced beer selection, I'd suggest the Khyber in Old City. Their food is very good too but not as good as SPTR. Standard Tap is not that good, I haven't been to Good Dog in years but it's never been as good as SPTR in the food department.

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      I'd also skip good dog and standard tap, and add royal tavern to the list.

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        I also have been impressed with Strangelove's, though if I recall their options are a little less comfort food-y than the others.

        I really need to give SPTR another try. I was put off by a sub-Moosewood Cookbook tempeh dish I had there.

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          +1 for Khyber Pass. I've been there twice after the Broad Street Run and it was the perfect post-race experience.

        2. not to beat a dead horse (or dog), but i wouldn't go to Good Dog post-marathon. Much of the seating is upstairs, which would mean that to leave, you need to go downstairs. Not my favorite post-marathon activity.
          I don't know what your craft beer standards/capacity are, but *most* places in center city have good craft beer selections. At least for a lightweight like me who might, on special occasions, drink a second beer.

          1. Memphis Taproom if you don't mind driving to another part of town. Parking is not a problem. Love their food and taps.

            1. City Tap house has an extensive list and outdoor fire pits. Food is not bad either.