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Pippali in the East 20s

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Just saw that there's a new Indian place on Seamless in the East 20s called Pippali -- a little Googling shows that it's from the people behind Chennai Garden and Tiffin Wallah. Anyone tried it yet? Any good?

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  1. Update: Ordered from there last night. Not bad!

    Tried the samosas, which were tasty, although they came on a bed of chickpeas in sauce, and were topped with (among other things) chopped raw red onions and pomegranate seeds. All of which seemed like overkill, and made them soggy. But they were still pretty good.

    The chicken tikka masala was very good -- a thicker, darker sauce than I'm accustomed to. The chana masala was all right, although the chickpeas were so soft, it was akin to a cumin-infused order of baked beans. And the naan was delicious, although really, it's difficult to go wrong with buttery bread.

    (A tip: Nothing came with rice, so if you want rice, make sure to order it. We didn't, and wound up eating everything with just the naan.)

    1. I like when Samosas come with the Chana Masala and the other toppings. That actually sounds really good. I agree about the soggy part, though. If it's delivery, it should come separately to mix it yourself.

      1. Been eyeing this place as well; the chef is from (Michelin-starred) Tamarind. The menu looks fairly solid, although it seems you have to order the rice/naan separately as they don't come with the entrees (a little annoying, but whatever). Will be trying in a few weeks with my coworkers, so hopefully it won't disappoint.

        1. To add to this brief discussion:

          We went to Pippali the other night, and had an excellent meal. Since opening, the restaurant has more or less been packed. Getting a reservation is difficult. Indeed, we showed up having been told they were already full but, thankfully, the excellent manager, Samir, found us a table.

          The restaurant is comfortable, service is good. There are many dishes not found on the menus of nearby restaurants. Two standouts were a starter of masala shrimp on a corn cake and a lamb shank ghost -- simply outstanding. Great nan, and other dishes, including a great saag paneer.

          While this may be against our own self interest in getting a table: it is our new favorite Indian.