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Nov 1, 2013 04:53 PM

Making real life friends via Chowhound

I don't know why this hit me now, but I just realized that a significant percentage of my social circle has resulted directly or indirectly from Chowhound. Years ago, the Toronto board had regular chowmeets and I made several good friends via those. And through those friends, I have met and become friends with many other amazing, food-loving people. All of these are people that I get together with regularly, not only at restaurants, but at each others' homes. We cook, eat, share and laugh together (there may be the occasional karaoke, too).

As one of my dear friends is fond of saying: FOOD BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER.

So thanks Chowhound, for introducing me to a lot of wonderful people!

Has anyone else made friends in real life due to Chowhound?

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  1. Three in Florida where I am, one in Dallas, one in Scottsdale. All wonderful. Numerous others I correspond with and would like to meet, and I have had 2 flame-outs I never met. All in all a nice new dimension as I don't participate in social media and I tend to move around a lot. Unfortunately none in Mexico but home high speed internet is not yet commonplace in many areas so we don't have many regular hounds there.

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      Whoops...can't leave out bagelman01 in New Haven last summer, so 6.

    2. well not in real life... but the board is a bastian that i have to talk about the things I am most passionate about without getting sideways glances and being called freak.

      1. I have made two sets of friends in the SF Bay Area thanks to Chowhound. My wife and I stay in touch with one couple.

        1. When Sam was failing, a bunch of us became his support group. We continue to keep in touch, and they have supported me through my husband's recent illness and death. I've only met one of them in person, but this small group of Chow friends keeps me going.

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            And I love you, sweetie :)

            So, yeah, I've met a half dozen or so CHs in person and it's been great. While sharing via posts is great, sitting across the table is WAY better. The only Chowdowns I went to were super food-wise, ho-hum people wise.

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              'The only Chowdowns I went to were super food-wise, ho-hum people wise.'

              Tru dat, been at three or four and did not work for me either.

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                Chowmeets are by nature a mixed bag. There were a handful of people that gravitated to each other at the Toronto meets and we finally just realized it was easier to just get together ourselves.

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                  I think it would/might have been more successful had it been a larger group where you could "pair off" but it's a small CH group in the area.

            2. Wow, just counted up my up close and personal Chowhound friends and the number seems high, good for me.
              These are hounds l ate with at least twice regardless of venue and still see when in their area or they are where l am, which changes a lot.

              San Francisco-4
              Los Angeles-2

              In addition there is uhockey, we have both traveled to meet one another at various temples of Gastronomy in many cities, four come to mind.
              It was due to him, that l was included in the zillion course extended tasting menu at Per Se in 2/12 that lasted 6 hours and was just amazing. Another hound Ellenost was at that one as well.On that same trip he and l tried almost every confection Dominic Ansel baked. l am proud to have shared two of his three best meals ever and one of his worst at a Michelin ***.

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                In addition to meeting folks from CH as they pass thru NYC (like uhockey), I've also met several CH posters when I've traveled to other places (Italy, Florida, California, Austin…). I consider more than a few of these "friends". But the main answer to your question is here in NYC where, over the years, I now have at least 20 friends as a result of CH. My wife and I are even going to a wedding this evening that resulted from participation on the board. My last foray into Flushing Chinatown this past week was with folks met thru CH posters. We went to dinner last night with another couple met thru CH over 10 years ago, who've been friends since. Yes, I do have other friends, some from college days, some from being neighbors, some from work and some from sports… but it's truly amazing how many friends I have from this silly pass-time!
                And, along the way, I've even found some places to eat.

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                  I'm pretty sure that your Per Se dinner with uhockey was within a day of my pizza outing with him. The man can eat.