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Nov 1, 2013 04:49 PM

Phuladelphia Sunday Nov 17th

Our group of four is going to the Barnes Foundation on 11/17 and were planning to have the "Sunday Dinner" at Matyson. It appears that this prix fixe dinner has been discontinued. Any alternate suggestions?

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  1. Did you want a place within walking distance, or will you be driving?
    If you will be driving - or taking a taxi - there are many options.

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      Closer is better, walk or taxi not an issue.

    2. There is not much that I would recommend that is walking distance. Plenty of restaurants in the Fairmount area, but unfortunately,none that are our favorites.

      One close place that is really good is a Japanese restaurant on Callowhill called Doma. Interesting and unusual food, beautifully presented. Small, so a reservation is advised. byob.

      A long walk or a short cab ride would be Melograno, a very good Italian byob on Sansom Street just west of 20th. They have a Sunday prix-fixe dinner for $35. You can look at the menu online.

      A favorite of our is Meritage, at 20th and Lombard - a short cab ride. Snack size, small plates, larger plates. I especially enjoy the foie gras ravioli and the fried chicken. They have a bar.

      On Broad Street, north of where you are - a cab ride - is Osteria, an excellent upscale italian restaurant owned by the acclaimed Marc Vetri. Again, check out the menu online.

      Enjoy your visit to the Barnes. it's wonderful!

      1. I believe this is the same day as the Philly Marathon. Be prepared! Lots of hassle, but lots of excitement too, at least until 1pm or so. (This is by the Barnes; by Matyson, everything is over well before noon).