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Nov 1, 2013 04:36 PM

Pre marathon meal!

Hi everyone,
Ill be running the marathon in a few weeks and am looking for a good pre race meal. Simple but well done. Probably Italian but willing to consider other options. Nothing that's dairy heavy or protein heavy ( like a steak house). Ill be staying at the. Sheraton university city on chestnut street.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. I'd go with Pietro's, at 18th and Walnut, if you can get reservations. Good Italian food, lots of pastas and pizzas. It's not the best Italian food in the area, but it's good carbo-loading food. If you can't get reservations, though, I'd avoid it, as you'd be standing while you're waiting to sit. easy cab ride back. there are probably options in university city too, but I don't know them.

    1. Forgive my ignorance, but you're referencing a night-before meal, correct?

      If you're at the Sheraton in University City I'd go for Ethiopian. I know it may sound strange, and you might want to try it beforehand, but there are some great ethnic Ethiopian restaurants in the area such as Abyssinia. Service is not the best, but you get to carb it up with the injera and fill up on healthy veggies and lentils to boot. What better meal for a marathon than Ethiopian, too. ;)

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        Yes, night before meal. I like the sound of Ethiopian, but never having had it before wouldn't want to risk it in case it didn't agree with me!

      2. In university city you have a couple of choices. Sang Kee Noodle house is in the hotel you are staying in. Think large oriental soups with lots of noodles.

        Penne restaurant and wine bar about a block from your hotel is another decent restaurant with house made pasta. I have dined there prior to going to concerts at Penn.