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Nov 1, 2013 03:59 PM

Room for dinner after a weekend brunch at Commander's Palace?

I have a reservation for shortly after noon slotted at Commander's Palace for their weekend brunch. From other reviews, there's no mistaking that it's a lot of food and a 2-3 hour time commitment. Will this leave any room to do a full dinner somewhere else (such as Coquette), or is the best dinner move for a normal appetite to grab a po boy and call it a day?

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  1. I have the exact same question! We'll be eating at Commander's at 12:30 and have left dinner wide open because I feel pretty sure it will be a waste of money to make big plans.

    1. I guess it depends on the eater, but I'm usually able to eat a full dinner after I finish at the Commander's. Plenty of late night options in town, as you probably know, but if you take a walk through the Garden District for a few hours after brunch, that might lead you to a new appetite.

      Places like Coquette and Dominique's are a little smaller on portion size than, say, Jacques-Imo's or Mat and Naddie's, so that might help a little bit, too.

      1. When I plan a New Orleans trip, I plan for one major meal a day--either lunch/brunch OR dinner. If I eat a serious lunch or brunch, then dinner is going to be just a plate of oysters or a bowl of gumbo or something. If I am eating a serious dinner, then it's that sort of thing for lunch. After brunch at Commander's I have no room in my stomach for dinner. (My wife and I are not late-night people, so dinner at 11 pm is not an option.) Five hours later, the martinis have barely worn off. Obviously you could choose to eat less at brunch than you might normally, in anticipation of dinner. Or maybe you're just a big eater. We're all different. My preference is to go all-out for one meal a day. Man I love New Orleans! Where else (I dunno, Paris?) does one fret about there not being enough hours in a day to hit all the restaurants one has in mind?!

        1. No problem as long as the ladies wear mumus and the men have on sans-a-belt pants...always room for more good New Orleans food.

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            LOL! But, I get your point.

            By day two, my belt is often on the last hole, so I have to pace myself a bit more, than others might.


          2. Maybe you can plnn dinner at someplace like RioMar or Root - if you decide on a light dinner there's interesting apps to graze on, and if you've exercised more self-control at Commanders you can do a full dinner instead.