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Seeking good, cheap Chinese restaurant Richmond Hill area (see boundaries below)

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Any suggestions for good, inexpensive Chinese food in Richmond Hill, specifically near Highway 7, between Yonge and Leslie Sts.?

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  1. I'm a fan of good inexpensive Chinese food. Some places I like in that area are "My Kitchen" for congee & rice rolls, "Bali Restaurant" for Hainanese or Soy Chicken plates...also great curry dishes, and "Excellent BBQ" in the Richlane Mall for BBQ Duck Noodle soup. The first 2 are off Leslie just N. of Hwy 7 and the Richlane Mall is off Leslie, just N. of Hwy 16. My experience with these places is primarily at lunchtime....

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      - Bayview Kitchen, corner of Bayview and Major Mac, next to Restoran Malaysia.
      - Though not super inexpensive but I would add Northern Dumpling kitchen inside Time Square, for food/value for money.
      - Slightly more exotic ingredients offered and for sit down family dinner, 'Lee Yu Mun Seafood Restaurant' Spadina Road/16th Ave. Best value-for- money Cantonese wok-hay in the area!