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Nov 1, 2013 02:13 PM

Eating around BCEC and Hyatt Regency

I will be in Boston for a large conference next week at the BCEC, and will be staying at the Hyatt Regency.
I have been looking through the Boston board, and read some great summaries of wonderful dining options in Boston, especially from Opinionatedchef! I will be staying on a few extra days, so will be consulting them then.
However, I was looking for dining ideas around those two locations.. the conference is fairly intense so I think that we will be eating lunch in the Convention Centre. I don't have a big per diem, and I'm not necessarily looking for a stunning dining experience each night or the "best" of everything.. just somewhere near to those 2 places, that's not too expensive, and is pretty good.
So far, I've heard the following recommendations from other people who have been to Boston (so yes... other tourists):
Giacomo's Restaurant:
Pizzeria Regina
Legal Seafood
Neptune Oyster
How do these sound in general? Any specific recommendations in either of those areas?
Really looking forward to Boston!

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  1. Pizzeria Regina is great - Galleria Umberto is also a well-known inexpensive pizza place in the North End.

    I highly, highly recommend T.R. Street Food for lunch. It's connected to Tavern Road, and has some pretty creative and delicious lunch options.

    Close to your hotel - Gene's Flatbread Cafe recently opened in Boston and has been very popular for its hand-pulled noodles. I also love Chacarero's Chilean sandwiches downtown. Your hotel is also quite close to Chinatown - you can search the board to find suggestions of places to go there.

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      I love Galleria Umberto. However, even though they do serve slices of Sicilian-style pizza, it's not really a "pizza place." They only serve plain cheese pizza, by the slice - along with soft-ball sized arancini, four varieties of calzone, and a couple of other fairly unique Sicilian-style savories.

      Also, they're another place only open for lunch. They open around 11, and stay open until they sell out, some time between 2 and 3. Closed Sundays.

    2. In between the BCEC and you hotel on Congress St are Sportello and Trade. Both have ties to locally well known chefs and are reasonably priced. Heading toward the waterfront from the BCEC is kind of a restaurant row in and around Liberty Wharf (including a large Legal Seafood with great water views. Your hotel is closer to Chinatown than it is to the North End.

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        Ming Tsai's relatively new place, Blue Dragon, is right around the corner from Congress St. Drink on Congress is one of my favorite places in Boston for a cocktail.

        I actually like all of your tourist recommendation places, so don't feel bad about them, but beware long lines at Giacomo's and Neptune.

        Winsor Dim Sum and Shojo are good stops in Chinatown.

      2. You'll be right in my neighborhood at the Hyatt. I'd say that while your list is good, those places aren't really nearby. If you're in the mood for a burger and fun food, check out JM Curley's which is just a few blocks from the Hyatt. After a grueling conference I always want a good burger. I also like Teatro; last week had the baby beet salad with marscapone and pistachios which was delicious, and beef carpaccio. Nothing fancy or especially creative but hits the spot and reasonably priced.

        Agree with previous poster about Congress St places; there are a few good ones and it's on the walk back. Sportello (Italian) and Drink (excellent cocktails & snacks) are a couple of other places across from Tavern Road (which also has excellent cocktails so beware!). However Gene's Flatbread isn't open evenings as far as I know, and I think Chacarero's may also be just a lunch spot.

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          I recently read on here that Gene's is now open til 6:30 - I have to go sometime to check it out. You're right about Chacarero, no dinner. Good catch!

          And ditto on JM Curley - great spot.

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            Chacarero (on Arch St.) is actually open until 6pm so it could work for an dinner on the early side.

        2. I wasn't able to check the board while in Boston. However I did make it to Legal Seafood (where I had a great lobster roll: at least, great to me!). Also made it to Flour one day for lunch, and hit the Regina Pizzeria at Quincy Market. We also had some food trucks that came to the BCEC. The conference was more overwhelming than expected, so between that and shopping, there was a lot of grabbing salads at Au Bon Pain (and coffee and scones from the Boston Common!) Wish that I could have made it to Giacomo's and Neptune.. next time! And I do hope for a next time.. what a great city!
          Oddly enough, my travelling companion was hungry when we went to the Prudential Centre so she grabbed an empanada from Chacarero! It was apparently really good..
          Thanks for all of your advice..