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Nov 1, 2013 01:55 PM

Barbecue in Miami

We'll be in Miami later this month and from my searches there hasn't been much recently on good barbecue in Miami -- mostly news about the decliine of The Pit and some other places. Is there any good news? We'll be staying in Doral but gadding about town.

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  1. I like Sparky's Roadside Barbecue in downtown Miami

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    1. re: Mat Josher

      A high 5 on Sparky's with their unique sauces and Ga. Pig has good bbq pork with a standard tomato-y mustard sauce. Both are your usual bbq dives inside.

      Can anyone give an update on Byron Mixon's Pride & Joy? Their website is being reconstructed.

      1. re: freakerdude

        I was at Georgia Pig yesterday and last Friday at Tom Jenkins.
        GP: I love that chopped pork sandwich on a bun, one of my all time favorites. Sides sucked but I got a slice of pecan pie still warm. The atmosphere can't be beat.
        TJ: I always have enjoyed TJ and it is a regular stop when I leave the airport but the ribs were just lousy this time. They had that sort of transparent, papery leather skin on the underside that I had to pull of the bone of each rib.

    2. Georgia Pig Barbeque on #441
      (Ft. Lauderdale) not sure of city

      1. There is not much on good barbecue in Miami because there isn't much good barbecue in Miami. I like Sparky's OK, but it's sort of the one eyed king in the land of the blind.

        I have tried Pride & Joy a few times (none within the past few months) and have been generally underwhelmed each time.

        Unless you are on an elimination diet that restricts you to only eating barbecue, there are many other better things to be eaten here especially for someone coming from out of town.

        1. Not much good in the way of BBQ here in South Florida.....The Pit is in business....but that's about it.....Sparky's doesn't suck by any means and is reasonably good.....If Pride & Joy didn't have Myron Mixon's name attached to would be reasonably good....But since his name IS expect better!.....And it's not.....

          I like Brother Jimmy's.....Their meats actually see the inside of a smoker.....Their brisket sliders are very decent.....I like their smoked wings quite a bit.....And the ribs have always been quite decent......Brother Jimmy's is the best of the lot.....with Sparky's second......Pride & Joy third.....And The Pit not even worth talking about here.....

          Ft. Pierce, FL....


            Any other BBQ in the Hallandale area worth checking out ?