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Nov 1, 2013 01:49 PM

Team lunch Financial District [Credo, SF]

I was tasked with choosing a restaurant for our Department "appreciation" lunch on short notice and ended up at Credo. It's a short walk from our office (some of our staff aren't very mobile), the menu was broad enough that everyone could find something they liked and the prices were not too steep for sit-down in the FiDi.

Everyone seemed happy with their lunch, but what I really enjoyed was the atmosphere: even on an hour's notice they were able to give us a square table for eight in an alcove off the main dining area. Because of the square table everyone was able to talk to everyone else, and the sound levels were reasonable. Put it in the "not a bad choice" category!

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    1. How was the food? I work around the corner from Credo, but have never been. I have always thought the menu was a little pricey.

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        It's pricey for lunch, but not for a "special occasion." However, the portions were decent sized. I think the salads in particular are a good value. I had an arugula salad with pears that was very good. I combined it with the app of meatballs and polenta, which I thought was only okay (the sauce on the meatballs overpowered the delicate polenta). I wouldn't choose it over Barbacco, but Barbacco isn't really suitable for socializing with a group.