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Nov 1, 2013 01:15 PM

Best Restaurants around Hyattsville, MD

Just moved to Hyattsville area and looking for interesting new places to eat. Indian, Ethiopian, Korean, Thai, Middle Eastern, and South American recs especially needed. Thanks!

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  1. Close by in Langely Park- Woodlands for South Indian food (amazing weekend buffet with Dosas) and Samantha's for Mexican/Salvadoran.

    1. In Hyattsville, check out Taqueria La Placita for tacos al pastor.

      And please report back!

      1. Franklin's is not any of those, but I frequented it when in grad school at UMD and enjoyed it.

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        1. re: rachelcp

          Franklin's is solid. (Or was -- has been 3-4 years since last visit.)

          1. re: lawhound

            It still is, and the menu and food have improved in the last couple of years.

        2. Tiffin's on University Blvd for Indian. Sardi's on Rt. 1 in Laurel for Peruvian chicken. Seoulia and Da Rae Won in Beltsville are good bets for Korean food.

          1. Thanks for the recommendation for Taqueria La Placita -- that was an excellent authentic taco experience.

            We ate at Shagga's Ethiopian on Friday night -- excellent food. Very slow service but there are only two waitresses.

            Also had a burger at Hank's -- not bad.

            Thanks for the recommendations -- will definitely try the Indian suggestions.

            We ordered Thai food from Aroy Thai -- I was not impressed. Hoping someone will recommend a great Thai delivery place.

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            1. re: guzelsu

              Glad you liked La Placita. You spent some time in LA, right?

              That's a pretty big 'thumbs up' on your part....

              'Slow service Ethiopian' is redundant around this area.