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Apr 12, 2005 03:35 PM

Best tea source in DFW?

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Curious to find opinions about this. I have found some good oolongs and green teas at Asian markets, a decent selection of Indian teas at the Indian shops, and I know that the Bodum store has a wide selection of some black/red teas. But does anyone know of a good shop (with knowledgeable help) specializing in loose teas?

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    I have a friend who is a tea fanatic. Brings her own pot into the office and brews it all day. She says she hasn't found anything decent around.

    She mostly orders from online. She thinks its cheaper, better quality, and more variety.

    Absolute favorite:
    She says they are very reasonable and good with the samples.
    Huge selection and sell samples on everything.
    Smaller selection, but very very good. A bit more pricey.

    All sites have a ton of information posted and she said Harney has a live chat option. I know its not the same as going to the store, but I don't know anywhere here that is great.

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      Absolutely agree about the online selections. I use Upton all the time. Green tea needs to be very fresh, and a good source is essential.

      Another place online, but both expensive and top quality, is for Chinese teas.

      In Dallas, I'd go to a big Whole Foods, like the one on lower Greenville. Buy anything by Rishi (or by Special Teas), and only in bulk. Try a green tea, try an oolong, try a black Indian or Ceylong/Sri Lanka tea.

      If making green tea, remember not to use boiling water, but rather 160-190 degrees F. Steep 3 minutes but possibly less.

    2. The Cultured Cup in North Dallas

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          I've been here once, and while they were very nice, I didn't buy anything. They mostly only carry Mariage Freres which are nice teas, but I think overly priced even when buying in large bulk. I would maybe use them as a resource, but you get better deals online.

        2. I second the Cultured Cup recommendation. They have a large selection of loose leaf tea, and the owners know their tea backwards, forwards, sideways, and diagonally. While I have not tried it yet, they also carry a good selection of high-end drinking chocolate.

          Honestly though, I have usually been quite happy with tea purchased at various ethnic markets when I have asked the proprietor for recommendations.

          1. If you make it to Austin, you must come to the Tea Embassy downtown. The owners really know their stuff and have a great selection. You can sample what they have brewed for the day, and sometimes they have little scones or other goodies to go with your tea samples.

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              Miss Tenacity

              I wonder if DFW area could possibly have more/better tea than many other locales in central/eastern US, simply because of the direct flights between DFW (the airport) and Shanghai.

              When I was scoping tickets for my trip there, most carriers wanted to send me ABQ-DFW-PVG (Pudong-Shanghai), which I thought was strange and out of the way.... so I ended up going through Vancouver in the end. :-)


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                HALO tea & chocolate in Frisco, Texas