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Harutaka and Sawada sushi

I was able to get a reservation for dinner at Harutaka and Sawada sushi for next month. How are they for the omakase? The reviews seems mixed. Thank you!

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  1. Sushi Sawada, I did try it, twice. The point is his tsumami/sashimi... Some pieces were more elaborate, using 'uni(sea urchin)' like eggs, a combination of seafood and sea urchin. .. but the nigiris were unbalanced, too salty seasoning.
    Sushi Harutaka is a disciple of Ono Jiro San, so you have to expect the same menu for nigiri, and some very simple sashimi/tsumami.. I have a preference for nigiri, so I recommend you sushi Haruraka.. and the set is cheaper, at around 23000yens. You can have a second high end sushi for the difference of 12000yens.

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      hi ninisix. where would you recommend for sushi in Tokyo (your favorites)?

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        I forgot to mention: I tried but could not get into Saito and Miyako zushi. I prefer nigiri as well. Any recommendations would be appreciated. thank you

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          If 'shari(=rice)' is the key factor, go at sushi Iwa, this year I already went twice !

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            Shari and the fish for nigiri is key for me! when did you last go to Sawada? maybe it has improved?

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              3 years and a half, a long time I agree.. but not only, Sawada-san evolution was from a long date, step by step, and in very hard complex way.. but his introduction is a real genius sashimi marriage of flavor.. You will have to pay for the total menu to fully enjoy, the menu at 35,000yens worth it once or twice.. not more in my opinion !
              Myself, I have so many sushi yasan to try for half the price, than going again to compare, I prefer to enjoy contrast of a new sushi !

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                is sushi Iwa this one? http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1301/A13010...

                is it difficult to get reservations there? lunch or dinner better there?

                if anyone has any other great sushi restaurant recommendations, please let me know. thank you

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                  I was able to make a reservation for lunch at sushi iwa. which course should I get there?

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                    At lunch, the menus are at 4725yens, and 8400yens with tax. But, i will recommend you to ask for s menu at 10,000yens including 'uni(sea urchin)'.
                    The set lunch at 8400yens is including 14 nigiris, one maki and a miso soup served at the end to not interfer with the taste of the fish.

    2. Oh, good for you. Unfortunately I couldn't get reservation this time for Sawada for December. I had Sawada sushi twice before, both times excellent! I love the meal and the atmosphere. Very comfortable eating at Sawada.