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Nov 1, 2013 09:19 AM

Chow-worthy Lunch Options in Foggy Bottom?

You wonderful people helped me out in a previous all-area thread.

Now, I must ask you to help out a transplanted Los Angeleno --
anything chow-worthy and cheapish for lunch in Foggy Bottom area?

21st & K is the starting point....

Greek Deli?

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  1. I used to frequent Penn Grill for their teriyaki steak and cheese with hot peppers and coleslaw. Also on the lunch rotation was Bread Line and Roti Mediterranean. It's been awhile since I've worked in Foggy Bottom so can't vouch for their current state of affairs. You should also check out the Dosas at Whole Foods. It's gotten some mixed reviews but there are other options in the area. Foggy Bottom as a whole is kind of weak for "Chow-worthy" options.

    1. Bobby's Burger Palace is pretty good. I love Breadline, amazing bread and interesting sandwiches.
      If you're willing to walk up to M Street, consider Bub & Pop's for tremendous Philly-style sandwiches. Eye-popping good.

      1. Greek Deli is more Farragut area but it's still delicious. Note: it's take out only.

        Ris has a $15 lunch deal at their bar where you can get a drink (anything from beer to iced tea) and a main dish.

        I really like Roti for a quick, casual lunch.

        1. Greek Deli has always had quite a few fans on here, but I'm not one of them. Large portions of mostly bland, oily food, carry-out only.

          Breadline (18th and Penn) was once a highpoint in DC. It was sold and went downhill, but even then it still might be a highpoint; I haven't been in so long. If you go, try any of these and report back:

          Any day of the week, Italian Sausage Sandwich, Egg Salad, or Felafel Piadine. Monday, Philly Cheesesteak. Thursday, Cubano, Friday, BBQ - ask for this on a ciabatta.

          1. Also check out G Street Foods. Again---not exactly Foggy Bottom, more like Farragut but it's awesome.