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Raleigh: Anyone been to chicken and waffles off 440, Mr Wonderful's

I need the scoop, is it worth the drive from the exact opposite side of 440? Compare to Dame's at all in any way?

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  1. The food had better be good because the website and menu (both for Ohio & NC) are a flat-out train wreck, both in terms of design and spelling. Still, the food itself sounds interesting.

      1. Also isn't it a chain? Maybe I'm thinking of some other place.

        1. I was in the neighborhood and gave them a try.

          They are just east of I-440 on the north side of New Bern. If you pass the Popeye's heading east you've gone too far.

          First off the waffle aroma was great. But I'm not really into chicken and waffles so I took a pass on them...

          I ordered fried chicken, mac & cheese and greens. The large pieces of chicken were fine. Not the best rendition but fine. Mac & cheese was like a drier stove top version rather than a creamier baked casserole. Ok but not something I would get again. The greens were excellent. Well flavored and made with smoked turkey rather than pork. I also ordered banana pudding which had a very fluffy cool whip consistency. I would pass on it in the future.

          Turns out the owners live in Raleigh hence the new location. Service was friendly, atmosphere clean, bright strip center decor. Music was a bit loud.

          The fried fish dinners I saw had large portions and were greeted with gusto. Main dishes are made to order and the side dishes are kept in steam trays.

          I did try their "come to Jesus" (?) sauce. it is quite thick, sweet with a little kick. Quite unusual and tasty.

          Based solely on this one experience I don't think it is worth a long drive. I think it is worth further investigating if you are in the area.

          1. I have read that it ain't no Dame's. It is also a franchised chain if I'm not mistaken.

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              I know what you mean about the chain thing, but please keep in mind that there are amazing chains - like Jaleo or Bouchon Bakery.

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                From what I've seen on their website and from chatting with the staff this is a family owned two location business. The original is in Ohio and the Raleigh location opened since the owners wished to relocate.

                No sign of it being franchised...Rather like Mami Nora's...a small business which has been successful enough to open a new location.

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                  Oh okay. I don't consider Jaleo or Bouchon a chain as it were. Sorry for the misinformation. I know that there are reviews of Mr. Wonderful's outside of places like Yelp. I think Foodalicious Follies has a review as well as Eat Raleigh

              2. Looks like there is a Living Social deal ($10 for $20 worth of food) going on.

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                    From people I know that have eaten there, and don't just say that every place they eat is good, this place can't hold a candle to Dames

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                      You said as much in January...Dames is also an hour drive away.

                  2. The Yelp reviews are pretty darn frightening for this place. I know that people have varying opinions on Yelp but the fact of the matter is that you don't get mostly horrifying reviews when you're doing things right.

                    I hope for their sake that they read them and try to fix their service and other issues. I won't be spending my hard earned money there until I notice a turn around in the reviews, on any site.

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                      Wonder if other parts of the franchise are this bad off

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                        Not a franchise - both locations are family owned.

                        My experience was ok with one very good dish. But have to say that some people seem very happy with the place since it is always hopping when I drive by.

                        In the business world it is a well known fact that unhappy customers are much more verbal than the happy ones. So I always take the negatives with a grain of salt.

                        I have no horse in this race but having been a small business owner in the past I can't help but feel badly when incorrect information like the demon franchise term is bantered about...People put their life savings, their future and their sweat and tears into a business.
                        Those with 9-5 benefit laden positions seldom realize what that entails. Let it succeed or fail on it's own performance without putting false information out there.

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                          Oh okay just seemed weird that the two locations would be NC and OH of all places not knowing where family is located. That their website is horrid.. coming from a tech position and well since that is a form of advertisement.