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Nov 1, 2013 07:04 AM

Wine Road (around Healdsburg) Wine & Food Affair - a problem this weekend?

I had thought of spending one day this weekend in Dry Creek Valley, my favorite wine country area for both scenery and wine. But I just noticed that this weekend is the A Wine & Food Affair for the Wine Road (areas around Healdsburg). I don't intend to participate in that event. Would the event make it a poor time to go there for a non-event day? I've never participated in that event so am asking for opinions from those who have participated.

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  1. Yes - the traffic is pretty awful and I would avoid it. Consider a different wine tasting venue for the weekend.

    However, it is harvest and crush so expect increased traffic at most locales.

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      Thanks! I'll definitely avoid the Healdsburg area this weekend.