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Nov 1, 2013 06:57 AM

Sources for duck that are cheaper than Savenor's?

Their website says their duckfat is $6/lb which isn't too bad, but in the store it's $10/lb, which is kind of pricey. I also don't like being lied to on principle. The duck itself is no bargain either. I guess basically I'm asking who else sells duck around here because I'm pretty sure every place is cheaper than Savenor's. Although they did have a great deal on ostrich eggs (only $55 each!). I was thinking about Mayflower in East Cambridge but I've never been in there and it seems like you need to buy ten pounds of meat at a time.

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  1. I actually just saw duck breast at Market Basket in Somerville. Can't remember how much it was but probably cheaper than Savanor's.

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      wow, that's amazing. never would have thought to look there. But come to think of it, that's where we've bought our goose the last few yrs.

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        Not only do they have duck at Market Basket, they have frozen Brome Lac duck breasts from Quebec, which we had the pleasure of enjoying when we were there on family holiday. We all agreed that it was one of the best duck breasts we ever had. After trying to figure out if D'Artagnan carried them, or we could have them shipped, low and behold, on a Sunday trip to Chelsea MB we were so thrilled to find them there. They were $9.99/lb which amounted to $6.99 for a breast.

      2. have seen whole ducks at various mb's and ming's in chinatown. just duck legs too. don't recall the price, but yeah, not spendy like savenor's.

        ming's is my go-to for the legs. have tried h-mart but they always look freezer-burned.

        1. I have purchased whole duck at Mayflower, Market Basket Somerville, Wilson Farms, Super 88 Woburn [have they actually changed the name?], and Savenors.

          Only Savenor's has duck that isn't Pekin which for some preparations is useful.

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            Super 88 in Allston also has duck, but I've never seen containers of duck fat there.

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              Sorry. Thought they were trying to source duck, though there is mention duck fat as well.

          2. I recently made Duck Confit using duck fat from Savenor's and duck legs from Mayflower. I was very happy with the quality of both but somewhat shocked by the fact that the duck legs cost $30 and the fat $70. Fortunately the fat is reusable but if I had to do it again, I might try which was recommended in Gordon Hamersley's cookbook (which I used for both the Config and Cassoulet).

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              places screw you on duck fat pricing. roast a couple and just save the fat in the freezer til you have enough to make confit.

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                I've made duck leg confit for years, and it is NOT NECESSARY to use 100% duck fat. Especially if you plan to do this repeatedly. Start with olive oil, or a mix of olive oil and duck fat. Fat will render out of the duck, so as you reuse the fat its proportions will shift toward duck.

                This method was described to me by Max at Deep Ellum some years ago, which used to serve some great duck confit (might still, I haven't had it in a while). The chef there at the time, Josh Velasquez, bounced around a bit and is now running the show at Lizzy's in Cambridge. Anyone tried his food there? Is there confit?

                1. re: jajjguy

                  Agree that you do not need 100% duck fat to get the flavor right.

                  OP, not sure if you have sous-vide equipment or have access to it, but with sous vide you only need a couple of tablespoons of duck fat to confit. I've done side by side taste tests with traditionally confit'd vs SV and could not tell the difference.

                2. re: FoodTruth

                  I order from D'artagnan fairly often. They sell their duck fat in a 10 pound bucket (and it's an actual bucket) for $35 or so. Shipping can add a lot, but if you get some other things, too, it's not too bad.