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Nov 1, 2013 06:41 AM

Anton's in Croton on Hudson is open again

Two years after the Halloween snow storm that caused an electrical fire in their place, they have reopened. We'd only gone for breakfast and lunch a couple of times, but enjoyed the food and the friendly owners. Hoping that they are successful and happy, and looking forward to seeing what's on the menu when they add in dinner!

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  1. Excellent news, thanks!

    1. I only went once, shortly after they opened. I don't recall the details, but it was a lot of money for very little and I was totally underwhelmed. I never went back. I was sad that the fire closed them for so long and was happy to see the place being redone, but I have to admit I was secretly hoping something better would take its place.

      So, did I miss something on my one visit or did it get better later on?

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      1. re: dma1250

        Here's the thread (started by me) from when they first opened. I thought the food was terrific and reasonably priced, and I've missed it as a breakfast and lunch choice for the last two years.

        Give it a try again!

        1. re: dma1250

          Thanks for dredging up your negative impressions from two years ago. That really and them.

          1. re: frank113

            Gee I didn't realize that the forum was only for positive comments! Sorry about that. I'll try to limit myself to fluff. Um. Love the faux mediterranian look!

            1. re: dma1250

              Not just positive comments....just not rehashes of comments based on two year old experiences. As far as faux mediteranian: given that it's on the Hudson and not the Mediteranian how would it not be faux?

              1. re: frank113

                Exactly my point, frank. You can't do Mediteranian in Croton, so why try? All of that time and money spent trying for a look that is bound to fail could have been spent creating a fresh and appealing facade that would actually add to Harmon, rather than being an unsightly mess.

                As to the food, I will give it another shoot.

        2. We tried them before they closed, thought the food was very good, very nice people. thanks for the heads-up, we'll be supporting them.