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Nov 1, 2013 06:35 AM

Lucky Dog Cafe [attn: fallingwater]

Location: Confluence, PA
Open: Till 9pm all days of the week (Seasonal, closes in winter.)
Clientele: There's a bike trail out back, also some hikers and a lot of locals. (Translation: you don't need to dress up)
Atmosphere: Homey, with a wooden "log cabin/hunting lodge" aethetic, airy and kinda coffeehouse like. Outdoor seating may include dogs.
Mains: Local, grassfed beef -- the burgers are outstanding! (Don't bother putting fancy toppings on, it simply distracts from the beefy goodness)
Sides: They make their own fries here, and their own chips too, look to be using Russets from the flavor. They are excellent fries and chips, definitely worth ordering.
Drinks: Good selection, both alcoholic and non.

I'd say its well worth the 15 miles or so from Fallingwater or Ohiopyle. Besides, it's beautiful country and a wonderful drive.

[This is a capsule review. It's what happens when people kvetch about not getting enough reviews on the board. It's easy, you too can write one.]

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  1. Thanks Chowrin. My husband and daughter ate here several times when participating in a whitewater camp this past Summer. I haven't been. But based on their reviews have recommended it to travelers to the area. Next time I go along we'll definitely hit this spot at least one night.