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Nov 1, 2013 06:33 AM

Four nights in Florence in November

My husband and I will be in Florence for four nights (Wed - Sun am). We plan on dinner at Cipolla Rossa, Sostanza, and Casalinga but want advice on our last night. Can't decide bewteen All' Antico Ristoro di' Cambi, Al Tranvai, or Il Santo Bevitore. Advice?

Also, what do you recommend for lunch? Hoping for panini, focaccia, and maybe a restaurant or two (Zeb?).

As you can see we have relied heavily on Elizabeth Minchilli's wonderful ap. Elizabeth, any thoughts?

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  1. Now even more confused. What about either Trattoria I Due G or Ruggero? The possibilities are overwheming!

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      Here's where you should start to factor in restaurant location vis-à-vis where you will be that day--e.g., Casalinga might be a good choice if you're going to the Capella Brancacci; Mario is great if you're at San Lorenzo (and if Mario is too crowded for you, go to DaSergio, practically next door).

    2. If you have never been to the Nerbone food stand in the Mercato Centrale at lunch for a boiled beef sandwich, it is highly recommended.

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        When I was there a few weeks ago, the line at Nerbone was at least fifty people long. But they have added some more seats.

      2. Trattoria Mario gets recommended here often and is only open for lunch.

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          Mario's is a madhouse. Lines outside waiting to get in. Wall to wall seating. But the bistecca Fiorentina? Staggering!

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            My guess is foot traffic at both Mario's and Nerbone will likely ease off a bit by November.

        2. "Also, what do you recommend for lunch? Hoping for panini, focaccia, and maybe a restaurant or two (Zeb?)."

          For panini, our go-to place is Panini del Cernacchino. Simple but fresh and delicious. They also usually have some kind of risotto, stew and/or pasta dish as well. All homemade. You order from the counter and eat upstairs (if you can find a space) or take it to go. We ate there twice this trip (just a couple of weeks ago) and it was wonderful.

          Panini del Cernacchino
          Via della Condotta 38R, 50122 Florence, Italy

          1. All of your choices are great!
            As far as your last night meal goes, I'd recommend Al Tranvai, only because it is quite different from any of the other places you will have been to already.

            Zeb is great for lunch, if a bit of a walk (but a nice walk). 'Ino of course for panini, or any of the tripe stands through out the city.

            Another lunch option is Nerbone or Porks in the central market.


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              Hi Elizabeth - We're relying on your app as well :) Aren't Ai Tranvai and Casalinga pretty similar to one another? There are so many trattorie to choose from - it's hard to pick (foodie problems!). Would you say any of them are not recommended for lunchtime? I suppose we can try Mario's for lunch (obvious choice since it's only open at that time)

              For 2 nights in Florence during the week, (short but sweet) I am thinking dinners at Sostanza, Fagioli or santo bevitore .. unless we should mix it up with something different (although Santo Bevitore does look different than the others).. we will have 3 days and two nights so just want to make sure we choose the right mix. Thanks!

              1. re: jessicablock

                No, Casalinga and Tranvai are very different. Casalinga is very old fashioned, simple and rustic. Tranvai is cute, smaller and has much more innovative dishes.


              2. re: minchilli

                Dear All,

                Thank you for your suggestions. We leave for Rome and Florence tomorrow. Will report back on the results of our research!

                1. re: Pacyabags

                  when you get to mario's ( go early or late!) push your way to the front and leave your name!!! you will be called. I also love Pepo next door--- no lines, great food! open lunch and dinner.