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Nov 1, 2013 05:23 AM


I am going to be staying in Erie next week on business for 2 nights (Comfort Inn Presque Isle). The boards are all talking about pepperoni balls, wings, etc. - it sounds like great local comfort food but its not what I am looking for. How about some suggestions for fine dining or even casual dining (but no chains)? Thanks

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  1. Some notes from another thread, good luck!

    Exactly sal, I recall spending a month in Erie one week a year ago; old joke I know. No offense just an observation. I drank a lot when there eating only free bar food which was as good or better than the few restaurants I did try. Maybe that is the problem too much free bar food.

    Open Table has all of two restaurants in Erie. Two.

    One is at the race track. The other promises a sensory experience delivered through the TV screens on the walls. Odd.

    Tripadvisor lists about 300, but most are chains or pizza/mexican/chinese places. One notable pizza place is called Sporedaddy's. Sporedaddy's?? Ewww. Fungus on all the pizzas?

    1. Erie can be a bit difficult, but there are a few exceptions. very close to your hotel (W. 12th st.) is Serafini's, a local Italian restaurant that I've enjoyed in the past. Not "fine" dining by any means, but pretty serviceable.

      1. Probably too late for the OP, but for anyone else looking for some decent food in Erie:

        La Bella at 18th and Liberty, eclectic, love their fettucine alfredo (ask for it if it's not on the menu). No website.

        Pineapple Eddie at 10th and Weschler. Southern/Caribbean influence, but not too much, since this is Erie after all. My mom sat next to Jon Bon Jovi here a couple months ago when he was in town visiting his grandma.


        Both of these are BYOB places, a Pennsylvania oddity -- no bar, but you can bring your own booze.

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          FYI, BYOB's may be a oddity in Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia but the city has many outstanding BYOBs. Based on the responses to Erie restaurants here previously your I am sure your suggestions are well received.

        2. Here's Erie in a nutshell. I actually went to school (undergrad) in the city some 20 years ago. I still occasionally get up there for business. Erie is not fine dining. But man, if you like Wings and can get past it is not will be happy.

          Pretty much any neighborhood dive bar will have better, more authentic Buffalo wings outside of...well Buffalo. Elis closed....was great, One Way Inn, Park Tavern,

          Serafinis brings me back to my college days. It is an old school red sauce joint, but completely nostalgic. Decent Thai place in town. But.......