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Nov 1, 2013 04:21 AM

Weight Watchers Foodies - The Bermuda Triangle Edition! November 2013

My leader drew a triangle on the board, and said, "This is the dieter's Bermuda Triangle." On one bottom corner she wrote Halloween, on the top she wrote Thanksgiving, and on the other bottom corner she wrote New Year's Day. In the middle she drew a circle, and said, "Don't get lost in the middle!"

Truly, there are challenging times ahead. Each of those holidays is only one day! One day, people! So there is no reason to think that you are entitled to endless off-program days. But it's the constant temptation, isn't it? The goodies that are everywhere, calling out to you to be sampled, the traditions that must be made and tried, and the frequent partying.

So let's be clever, WW Foodies! Let's inspire each other with tasty meals and ideas to help to help each other through this challenging time!

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  1. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is THREE days for us! My parents are divorced and both remarried, and live close enough that we go to both houses. My boyfriend's family isn't exactly compatible with mine, so none of our meals can be combined. :-(

    The meal for his family is at our house this year, so I've been scouring the web for some relatively healthy sides for me to fill up on.

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      The thing about Thanksgiving is that it doesn't have to be fattening. Start with a simple soup to help you fill up. Turkey is low in points (easy on the gravy!), and be creative with low-point sides. Stuffed mushrooms, anyone. Then there is dessert, of course...

      1. re: roxlet

        Flat this week. Since I was sick, I should be glad, but I can't help but be bummed.

        Oops. Posted in the wrong place. I hate doing this on my phone....

        1. re: Kontxesi

          Given you were sick, try not to be bummed. I'm still hacking up my lungs and congested and heading back to the doctor today. Still not able to work out. Haven't bothered tracking. The scale at home says flat, we'll see at weigh in tonight. I've been working tons of hours too.

          I need to feel better soon....I"m at the point where I"m just blah all the time which isn't great for food or exercise choices. I had a bagel for breakfast this morning for the first time in months and months. Slippery slope and all that

          1. re: ziggylu

            Geez! What do you have that's lasting so long? I fell ill on Saturday afternoon and was mostly over it by the time I got home from work on Tuesday. I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with it! :(

            1. re: Kontxesi

              History of hypersensitive lungs. Came home with an inhaler and a nasal steroid to see if that works. Waiting for a chest xray right now. Bah. Things were going so well too.

              1. re: ziggylu

                Man. :( When I was a kid, I had bronchiolitis for six weeks. Inhalers, lots of doctor visits.... I've never been sick like that since, though. Hopefully never again.

                I hope they get it knocked out soon! Being sick for more than about 5 days at a time always throws me for a loop for WEEKS after. :(

                1. re: Kontxesi

                  Yeah, unfortunately this happens to me anytime I get sick. Fortunately not very often, last time was about 4 years ago.

      2. re: Kontxesi

        Our T-Day is over and here are a few suggestions for yummy and points friendly sides.

        Carrot Ginger soup from 150 Best is indeed the best carrot soup. Just carrots, ginger, oil (easy to reduce quatity to reasonable) and turkey stock.

        Brussel spouts - steamed and shocked, haved, rewarmed just before serving and briefly stir-fried with carraway seeds.

        Root vegetables roasted with garlic (later squeezed all over veggies), rosemary and a little oil. A little lemon juice just before serving gives veggies nice fresh zing.

        I have not made cauliflower pure because someone brought mashed potatoes but people rave about it. I am going to try it next week since I have 1/2 large one sitting on the balcony.

        Sweet potato wedges or chips cooked in the oven are also very tasty and points friendly.

        1. re: herby

          Can you share your cauliflower puree recipe? I made mashed cauliflower once many years ago and it was terrible(likely the recipe) so I've stuck to roasting my cauliflower ever since. Wouldn't mind finding a good recipe for puree!

          1. re: ziggylu

            Ziggylu, I will be making cauliflower pure tomorrow with subtle changes that I think will improve the taste. I'll post the better version, OK?

            Do you like roasted carrots? Planning to make those too tomorrow, and goulash, and lamb chops dish. That should provide enough food and variety for the week in addition to freezer stash to supplement as needed :)

      3. I hadn't weighed in for 2 weeks. Got on my scale at home and I was down a pound. Went to a local center rather than my usual at-work meeting and I was up .2. Yes, I was wearing jeans, yes it was a different scale....not tragic, but still I was annoyed.

        So I let myself eat a bunch of bite-sized Butterfingers yesterday and a few Snickers bites and today is a new day and a new week and I keep moving ahead.

        Anyway, we go to my sister's for Thanksgiving but I'm still always searching for good recipes. I saw this one for Roasted Carrot Soup and I thought it sounded good. One could probably cut back on the butter and it would be fairly low in points.

        1. I've been cooking Thanksgiving dinner for our family for almost 20 years now. Fortunately we don't go overboard with the menu so it's not too bad.

          We do our Turkey out on our Big Green Egg so that's simple and not doused in butter or other stuff. My dad loves mashed potatoes but I make them with nonfat milk and don't load on butter here either. I make a cornbread stuffing from Julee Rosso's Great Good Food cookbook that is relatively healthy(no added oil, no egg yolks, etc). A greek salad rounds out the meal along with pumpkin pie. so as far as holidays go, it could be much worse

          It's the Christmas treats and parties for hte month afterwards that are the bigger challenge! I love baking and haven't done much the last several months so lots of latent desire to bake with the season approaching and the Arizona summer finally over. My next door neighbor is going to love me. LOL

          Still coughinh. Still not exercising. My appetite is back today. My lingering cough may prove to be a bigger challenge than the holidays if I can't get back to exercising soon!

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          1. re: ziggylu

            Sorry about the persistent cough, ziggylu! Can you paraphrase the cornbread stuffing? Ours has a ton of butter in it, but I guess that a tablespoon of anything isn't going to hurt me...

            1. re: roxlet

              I can't find the actual recipe - i think i gave the cookbook away! But here's how I make it:

              Dry out some cornbread cubes ahead of time

              Saute some onion, celery in a little olive oil.

              Mix this with the cornbread cubes, Add diced apples and pears. Toss in some fresh sage, thyme, parsley and a little rosemary. If you like some toasted walnuts or pecans. Some years I put in some crumbed and cooked lean hot turkey sausage. Moisten with chicken broth and marsala wine. Bake until brown on top(I don't stuff the turkey). You can whip egg whites and fold in if you like it fluffier, my family prefers without.

              1. re: roxlet

                It has considerably less than a ton -- just what's needed to sweat the veg. All told, it's a comparatively lean stuffing.

            2. Went for my weigh-in today and down 1.7 - happy but know this is not true number; morning instead of evening and two days later then my usual weigh-in. Still nice :) I like this meeting better than my usual but need to go a couple more times to make sure. It is on Sat morning which is not ideal but doable and my Thu leader is there helping out with weighing people - a bit awkward but I can deal with it.

              The weight is coming off very slowly but as I thought about my journey so far I realized that there are changes in me that happened during this time. Not only I am much more conscious about the quantity of food that I eat but also I am making constant effort to increase my physical activity; i.e. my steps/day count tripled. And this is conscious effort and not an accident. Long way to go still and not just in weight to loose but mainly in lifestyle change because without it regardless of how much weight I loose I'll be back to where I started in a year or two and I do not want that to happen EVER!

              Just musing :)

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              1. re: herby

                I am completely with you on this, herby. It is a lifestyle change, and unless we cop to it, we'll be back exactly where we started.

              2. Well, so much for following up on last week's loss. A cold rolled in yesterday afternoon, and knowing my luck, it will stivk around for a week. No real hope for the scale on Wednesday. :-(

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                1. re: Kontxesi

                  I know the feeling, but Wednesday is far away! Don't give up! Lots of soup will help.

                  1. re: Kontxesi

                    Sorry you're sick Kontxesi. YOu have my's 8 days later and I'm STILL sick. Slept over 12 hours last night so clearly my body is still trying to recover. Try not to worry about the scale while you are sick. Give your body the things it needs - fluids, soups, nutrients - and you'll be fine in the long run. Hope you kick it quickly. I don't know what it is going around out here in Arizona but I do know I"m not the only one saying "I don't thing I've ever had a cold that just won't go away like this one" It's definitely some kind of strong mean bug!

                    1. re: ziggylu

                      Yeah, last time I had a cold it lasted at least a week. I tend to have really distinct phases.... Sneezing, then runny nose, then congestion, then coughing. I'm still in the congestion phase, so I think I've got a way to go. I can handle the coughing usually. The congestion is the worst phase. :( DayQuil for breakfast.

                      I drank over a quart of hot cider yesterday. It helped, but I took in a lot of sugar.

                        1. re: roxlet

                          Not much on tea, unfortunately. I had to use up the cider anyway, as it's not pasteurized and would have started going hard within a few days. Not that big a deal, really, I just don't normally drink my calories.

                          1. re: Kontxesi

                            I find that hot water with ginger and a bit of cayenne and honey helps with congestion. Steam bath followed by a lot of hot tea or water with lemon and honey works very well too.

                            1. re: Kontxesi

                              I"ve been drinking tons of tea. I drink tea a lot anyhow but try some lemon tea and honey if you's good for the throat and the cough.

                              Still coughing today. ugh. Did get on the bathroom scale this least soup is low in calories as there's no damage done yet. I miss working out a lot though and hope to be able to soon as I'm feeling well enough now that I'm starting to feel like a slug from lack of activity. I have a history of persistent asthmatic type cough though so I have ot be careful not to push to hard too soon. sigh....

                              I"ve been eating tons of chicken soup. Mostly from the deli at the grocery store as I didn't want to force my husband to make soup for me. A squeeze of lemon really help improve any sort of prepared soup!

                              Hope you are feeling better soon!