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Nov 1, 2013 03:38 AM

Pakta- An incredible experience

I was going to wait and post my overall Barcelona trip report, but I couldn't wait to post my thoughts about Pakta.

From the moment you walked through the doors, you felt like a welcome guest. We were seated at what they call Table #5, which was at the "sushi counter". Here, we were able to not only watch the chefs prepare intricate dish after intricate dish, but interact with some of the most charming, humble and dedicated chefs I've ever encountered. The entire staff of Pakta is incredibly well trained and the meal flows like a symphony.

As has been written, they only offer two tasting menus. One with less courses than the other, but as they describe it, the amount of food in both tastings being the same. We opted for the smaller Fujiyama menu. When we asked what the difference was, we were shown the the other main course tastes and desserts that we'd be missing. We asked if we could have two of the other mains integrated into our menu, and like everything else at Pakta, it was no problem at all.

They explain dinner would be at least two hours, and ours lasted closer to three. Starting with a mini Kaiseki course, and weaving through incredible tastes, textures and beautiful dishes, we were in heaven. You can go on the website here: to see the menu we had.

Not everything was unbelievable, but I have to say, I've been fortunate to eat in many places around the world, and Pakta stands out for both the food, and the journey you take while you're there. It's a wonderful place with a great vibe, and and incredible, dedicated staff. This so far, was my meal of the year!! Bravo!!! A picture of the Kaiseki course is!!

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  1. Thanks for the report, I'll keep this one in mind for our next BCN trip.

    What were the ingredients on the plate in the photo?

    How were Tickets, Moments and Hisop/Llamber for your other meals?

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    1. re: willyum

      Tickets was unreal- an amazing experience with incredible food, service and atmosphere. I'll be posting in the next couple of days. Truth is, after Pakta and Tickets, we were overloaded on tasting menu's. So we basically went to the Boqueria the next day for lunch and had some normal tapas- advice: Don't go on the weekend!!! On Saturday night a friend we met along the way turned us onto an unknown restaurant called Somodo- a review will follow as well. Totally understated and wonderful....Barcelona and it's food are amazing!!!

      1. re: willyum

        @willyum: Just got back from BCN. Hisop was great! I thought it was the best value of the ones I ate at. Tickets was fun. The food and the atmosphere were very enjoyable. It also helps that I sat in front of the bar across from Albert Adria's work station:).

        1. re: sunbrace

          We chatted with Albert and that definitely added to the experience.

      2. I've been hoping someone would post about this. Is it impolite to ask the cost? We don't have BCN in our near plans but WILL get back. Thanks for posting.

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        1. re: c oliver

          Cost was over 100 euro per person...worth every dime in my opinion. Pakta followed by Tickets the next night were two of the best dinner experiences I had in a row. Tickets, fyi, was significantly less expensive. Review to follow.

          1. re: sockster

            We LOVED Tickets. The best meal and experience we ever had. It was about 150 Euros for the two of us including a bottle of cava. But as you say, worth every cent.

        2. I'm so looking forward to going to pakta thanks for your report . We are going at the beginning of December will now properly go for the larger tasting menu , thanks

          1. Hey sockster, we have reservations there next month. So excited to hear such a great review!

            Just wondering how flexible they are in regards to the menu and dietary requirements, and also how many courses have raw seafood/meat? The reason I ask as we will be on our honeymoon and there is a chance I may be pregnant by that stage and want to be careful if it does so happen that way.

            Thanks again for the great review.

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            1. re: keedm002

              They're extremely flexible and will totally work with you on any requirements you have. You might try sending them an email in advance. If not, once you get there, everything is made to order so you'll have no problems. Enjoy!!

                1. re: keedm002

                  And for a great duet, try and get into Tickets the next night...what an amazing two nights in a row of wonderful food.

            2. Sockster, thanks for posting! The meal sounds fantastic. We are having dinner there next week and I can't wait. I've got a more mundane question. How dressy is it? Do men need a sports coat?
              Back to the food front, any recommendations for more casual dining?

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                Not sockster. But when we went to Tickets Bar, Bob wore a nice leather jacket. But that was for warmth. No need there for anything more and I'm better not for Pakta.

                1. re: statecollegian

                  First of all, it's casual. So is everywhere in BCN. Here's a secret place Somodo, recommended to me by the head chef of Pakta. It's about five courses, whatever the chef is making that night is what you have, and it's inexpensive, and bread in Barcelona. Here's the web site: It's a small place, so make sure you have a reservation. If you like the adventurous food at Pakta, (and you will, oh, you will), then the Somodo tasting is an easy one- easy on your pocket, and a place to have an unusual experience. Highly recommended! Enjoy BCN!! (and try to get into Tickets- worth the effort)!!