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Nov 1, 2013 03:32 AM

Couldn't get reservation for January at Sushi Saito... Moving to new location?

Hey guys,

Tried my luck with calling Sushi Saito at around 6-7pm Japanese Time to see if I can get a booking for January. The gentlemen kindly told me that they're only taking reservations for December but also that they're going to be moving to a new location in January, reopening in February.

Now, I'm not sure if this was just a rouse so we don't call again in a month, or has anyone heard of their relocation? Never tried to book there before, but have heard numerous experiences of the difficulty in doing so.

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  1. They don't do rouses so much out here. You should start calling in the Japanese morning, as by 6pm whatever supply of open seats existed is far gone.

    p.s. If February is relevant for you, try and figure out exactly when they'll be taking reservations post-move, as they haven't even been offering them to regulars yet, from what I read.

    1. Yes, sushi Saito will move to Roppongi 1 chome, near Arc Hills. The phone number is the same, you will have to call in December. The location is in fact not so far from the previous one.

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        I heard it's inside a new garage, near Roppongi 1-chome. But Saito is not telling anyone yet. I was there some weeks ago and sat next to some of his regulars. They were also trying to discover the exact location and make reservations.

        1. re: babreu

          He's definitely moving. The building they're in is coming down to build a 37 story tower instead. The Zakuro around the corner is already closed, the Taihei ryotei is moved to the Akasaka Kokusai building. Saito seemed still open (the plate settings were all in place this morning) but the whole building was a hive of movers and people shutting things down. Probably will be open for a few more days in the same location.

          1. re: babreu

            The new location is published in the Guide 2014, sushi Saito will move to the South Arc Hills Bldg.

          2. re: Ninisix

            are there good alternatives to Saito since it is so difficult to get in?

            1. re: azntenshi

              Sushi Iwa is as close as it gets to Saito.