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Nov 1, 2013 02:13 AM

Reputable source for white truffles?

I see some sellers on rakuten, but obviously with quality and freshness vary more greatly than price with this sort of thing... also, did the Massimo Vidoni truffles ever materialize?

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  1. Alba truffles are the name of the prestigious menus, but, Alba is also the group Fiat, this is one reason of this political Alba truffles. In fact, 5% only comes from the region, you can even find white truffle in the South of Italy, and the ex Yugoslavia.
    In China, they seem to use bulldozer to search for truffle, more convenient than dogs ! These truffles are like North African truffles, more a vegetable ! In Europe, the name differs, and can't be sold with the name of 'truffle'.,
    Massimo Vidoni, after have done a quick search in the net, is a chef, why is he famous for the truffles ?

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    1. re: Ninisix

      I don't expect the (white, of course, black truffle season is still ahead) truffles to actually be from Alba. Sufficient that they're a reasonable size (> 30 grams), freshly dug (a few days), well handled, suitably ripe, and not padded with dirt (also, no uninvited wormy guests!)

      This is an item about Massimo Vidoni's truffle farming:

      1. re: Gargle

        Oh I see.. yes, the biggest truffles are the best, I do agree ! Japanese truffles, I have heard from the chef of Mushroom, and from Muccini, they don't have this flagrance that will mistify your risotto (al dente, please!), or your pasta.. this is the beginning of the season of the white truffles, you can buy some directly from Muccini Italia Ginza, but you will have to use it in 10days.. Or buy some before Xmas, and eat them with some 'kome tamago(white yoke eggs)'.