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Oct 31, 2013 11:10 PM

URSPACE - Temple City

They officially opened last week.

Love the modern decor, would probably do better in Pasadena than Temple City.

They didn't have the signature lobster dish today. So ended up with the wine chicken and seafood pasta.

Am probably going to stick with just latte the next time.

9619 Las Tunas Dr., Temple City, California 91780
(626) 237-0133

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  1. How did this open in my own town without me knowing? It seems too ambitious for the neighborhood but maybe it's what it needs, something that's a bit less Asian for once.

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    1. re: Johnny L

      taza opened on huntington and it's packed all the time

      maybe this can be las tunas's taza? (with food)

      same for maji on duarte

      this area is dying for places like these to open up. (ok, maybe just it's young ppl)

      1. re: blimpbinge

        Seriously I wouldn't mind have some more modern dining options in this part of town. Especially a place for breakfast.

    2. what the heck?

      i drive on las tunas almost every day

      how did i not notice this??

      will try this weekend. thx!

      1. Are they selling that Sacramento roaster's beans? (As you can see, I asked on fb, but no one replied.)

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        1. re: TonyC

          no clue..not a coffee snob or expert...will have to ask the missus. but here's the menu

          1. re: TonyC

            I went today, and asked about a lot of things. The answer to pretty much every question was "I don't know" or "Let me ask someone"...with no follow up... Not sure what was goin on. Maybe I got a new waitress.

            1. re: blimpbinge

              Thanks for the feedback I'll wait for the clusterF to be over. All I want are those coffee beans.

          2. There goes the neighborhood. :-)

            1. So I went earlier today, was able to try a few things.

              Tiramisu Milk Tea - surprisingly good. I'm not even sure if they have this at other tea houses, but it was much better than most drinks anywhere.

              Latte & Tiramisu Latte - Both tasted like a normal latte. The latte was warm and the tiramisu latte was room temp. Non of the roasters or coffee shops in the sgv need to worry.

              Parmesan garlic tater tots- Crunchy, but didn't really taste parmesan or garlic, and they only provided ketchup. No fancy aioli or anything.

              Mushrooms bow tie pasta with veal stock demi glace - looked good, but was extremely bland. Would not order again.

              Lobster benedict - Lobster chunks were good. Not much flavor, but nicely cooked. Didn't go too well with the eggs or bread. The bread they use is the sweet egg bread that is sold in many taiwanese bakeries. The potatoes and egg salad were good, with the egg salad being a bit too salty. Though at $18, I'd rather chase down the lobsta truck and get a lobster roll w/ butter or two.

              Salmon Benedict - I didn't try but my friend said "salmon was fresh, everything else was cold and stale"

              Japanese style hamburger with rice and mushroom sauce - Dry and overcooked. It's actually more like a loco moco. The name is very deceiving. Are they going for hamburg steak? or loco moco? Not sure, but either way it sucked. My friend reviewed it on yelp and was a bit more blunt about it haha

              Service - prompt but unprepared. The waitresses "didn't know" anything. Not even if they accepted credit cards. (They did)

              It's a breath of fresh air in Temple City, in terms of decor, food, and ambiance. It really feels like you're not in the 626. Their drink menu is much larger than their food n app menu, so I feel like they're trying to be a tea house instead of a restaurant. Their food... I feel it's just "ok". Many of the items seem creative, and are presented really nice, but end up just tasting meh, as my friend put it. No one at my table had plans to immediately return to eat, but would definitely go back to hang out n grab tea.

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              1. re: blimpbinge

                Seems like one of those rich owner wants to make a "nice" restaurant and hires a hotel chef... *sigh* if only I could be given reigns of a neighborhood kitchen like this, so much wasted potential.

                1. re: blimpbinge

                  yep..same hurry to go back..but really like the setup (probably due to lack of such a joint in that area)

                  1. re: dreamcast18

                    Yeah the space looks amazing and perfect for the stereotypical California "bruncher"