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Apr 8, 2005 10:44 AM

ISO Dallas healthy eating recs

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I'm looking for some healthy restaurant recs along the line of Good Eats. A place where you can go to get a nice piece of fish or fowl and some well prepared salads and sides. Any loaction in North Dallas is fine.

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  1. I've would love to find some healthy but tasty places too... somthing like Pluto's in SF/Palo Alto would be great..

    1. Casual and counter service, but how about Cafe Express? Several locations throughout Dallas/Plano....There is also Dream Cafe...pretty healthy fare....There is one off of Beltline in North Dallas...You can also get some pretty healthy and delicious meals at Kathleen's Art Cafe in Plano, off of Spring Creek and Preston...Also one of my favorite things to get at Houston's, off of Beltline in North Dallas, is one of their 3 fish specials, which comes with a very good vegetable...any of these would probably work for you....

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        great suggestions - I went to Houston's two nights ago, and we tried two of the fish specials - both were fantastic. One was arctic char, served with a homemade tartar sauce (on the side) and the other was a swordfish steak with a compound butter melted on top. Both were grilled - hence, relatively healthy - and were well prepared (not overcooked) and served with choice of veg, which can be very healthy unless your choice tends toward french fries (which is tough to avoid at Houston's, because they're soooooo good).

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          Yes, about 90% of the time I order the brussel sprouts or get the creamed spinach...10% of the time, I get what I consider to be some of the best fries in Dallas!

      2. If you ever get down to Lovers and the Tollway, check out the amazing prepared foods at Dallas City Market. It's similar in concept to Eatzi's, but I think the food is MUCH better, fresher, with more variety. (


        In addition to a huge assortment of prepared meats, veggies and salads, they will grill fish to order, with a choice of two sauces of the day.

        It's great for carryout, but also pleasant to eat there. They have a big wine collection too.

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          Fish City Grill also grills any fish they have in the house to order and can serve it with plain steamed veggies.

        2. Has anyone been to Zoe's, which is also at Lovers and the Tollway? I think it touts itself as healthy as well. Badly reviewed by DMN, so I haven't been there. . .

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            I went with two friends for lunch one day - we all thought it was ok. Not great, just ok. I got a sort of a Nicoise tuna sandwich with capers and black olives - it was nice, pretty fresh and relatively healthy seeming (a little olive oil moistened things, not mayo)... but didn't blow me away and seemed kind of pricey for something that I could have easily assembled at home for 1/5th the cost.

            I probably won't go back, but it's a reasonable enough place to eat.