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Oct 31, 2013 09:52 PM

Another food adventure!

I'm planning my latest food oriented trip to NYC in 24 days, I think I have the casual eats covered, but I'm trying to square away some reservations for my birthday. I struck out at EMP (called one day too late).

over the past few years, I've been to babbo, kyo ya, Spotted Pig, Breslin, all things momofuku, and some (boring) Colichio places. Definitely looking for something new. I like going to places that folks are talking about now.

Where can I still get reservations? I don't really want to wear a jacket, and I'm a little turned off by the price tag at Per Se. I'm interested in JungSik, and NOMAD looks ok, but I wasn't thrilled with their bar food. Is WD-50 still in favor?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. If the $295 price at Per Se is too expensive, I highly recommend dining in their Salon. No reservations are taken. Don't believe jackets are required. You can order as many dishes from the menu as you like. Service is excellent. Seating is very comfortable. I went last night and ordered 4 dishes + dessert. I was also served amuses and mignardises. Plus a bread basket with 4 choices and 3 of each was left on the table.

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      This is a great idea. Then I'll know whether I want to drop the $300/head next time I'm in town. I'll probably do this in addition to whatever other reservations I get.

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          Ah, I doubt I'll bring a garment bag. I loathe formality, but sometimes you just have to play along to try the work of great chefs.

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            I do not believe jackets are required in the salon, only the dining room.

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              I just called and yes, the same dress code applies in both the dining room & salon.

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                Jackets are definitely required in the Salon at Per Se. I was there last weekend.

          2. Juni
            The Modern

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              Thanks for the response. I know this topic gets discussed ad nauseam, but I always enjoy seeing new names pop up. For instance Brooklyn Fare and ABC were not on my radar last time I came to town.

              Do any of the above spots stand out for you personally? I see Betony mentioned again and again.

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                I'm a big fan of Juni, Atera, Betony (dining at Betony tonight), Jungsik, the NoMad (very difficult reservation), and Bouley.

            2. Jung Sik will defineitely be a memorable meal. Also, if you would consider a lunch, Bouley does a fabulous lunch you wont soon forget.

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                Wow. Their presentation looks a lot like Takazawa, which I had the pleasure of hitting up earlier this year. I think we have a winner. I am a sucker for new asian as long as the quality surpasses the gimmick.

              2. Given that you still have 24 days until your trip, your options for a fancier birthday dinner are quite good. Did you ask to be placed on the waitlist at EMP? They do have cancelations quite often, so you may still consider it as a back-up.

                I would also strongly recommend Jungsik. One of the best meals I've had in 2013 and not stuffy at all. Everyone seems to be head over heels for Betony but I much prefer NoMad over it. Piora and Torrisi are also great. For something a little more causal, consider Empellon Cocina, L'Apicio, Perla, Charlie Bird.