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Oct 31, 2013 08:09 PM

November 2013 Cookbooks of the Month: MARCELLA HAZAN MONTH

Welcome to the November 2013 Cookbooks of the Month. This month we pay homage to Marcella Hazan and discover (or rediscover) her collection of cookbooks.

To view the history of COTM and how it works, please visit this link:

For the nomination thread, please click here:

For the voting thread, please click here:

And the announcement thread:

Please use this thread for general discussion of our November 2013 Cookbooks of the Month which includes THE ESSENTIALS OF CLASSIC ITALIAN COOKING, a revision and compilation of her first two books, The Classic Italian Cook Book and More Classic Italian Cooking (and please feel free to cook from either of these if you have them), MARCELLA’S ITALIAN KITCHEN, MARCELLA CUCINA, and MARCELLA SAYS…ITALIAN COOKING WISDOM FROM THE LEGENDARY TEACHER’S MASTER CLASSES WITH 120 OF HER IRRESISTIBLE NEW RECIPES (hereinafter referred to as "the rest of Marcella’s cookbook collection").

Feel free to discuss which recipes to choose, how you think the whole cookbook process is going, ingredient sources or any general comments about the books.

To post a review of any recipe, please select the appropriate thread below. If you are the first to report on a recipe, please reply to the original post. If a report already exists (please check before posting), please hit the reply box within the original report. This way all of the reports on the same dish will be together.

Here are the links to the reporting threads for:

Appetizers; Soups

Essentials of Italian Cooking
The rest of Marcella’s cookbook collection

Fish; Seafood; Meats; Poultry and Rabbit

The Essentials of Italian Cooking
The rest of Marcella’s cookbook collection

Vegetables; Salads

The Essentials of Italian Cooking
The rest of Marcella’s cookbook collection

Pasta; Risotto and Polenta

The Essentials of Italian Cooking
The rest of Marcella’s cookbook collection

Breads; Desserts

The Essentials of Italian Cooking
The rest of Marcella’s cookbook collection

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  1. It turns out I own a copy of Marcella Cucina. It was among the 20 cookbooks I got in a box at an estate sale early this summer. The family shared that the owner had an entire wall of books and very much enjoyed cooking. My to-do list (from July!) includes the entry "make 1 recipe a week from those books" but I hadn't gotten around to looking at the 20 books until just now. Meant to be.

    In the intro section, Marcella tells a warm story of her early cooking as a new bride, She created this cookbook by continuing to cook meals for her husband.

    I plan to try making egg noodles. One sauce. And perhaps some of the desserts - the p. 428 Venetian Raisin and Polenta (cornmeal) cookies caught my eye as did the p. 418 Apple Tart

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    1. re: MidwesternerTT

      Midwestener, I made egg noodles from this very book (Marcella Cucina) in her section "Making Egg Pasta at Home" on p. 119. I can only say that it was the most detailed, informative, fool-proof explanation of making pasta at home that I could ever imagine. It went one for six pages--with small but helpful photos--and that's just for the pasta-machine version! Directions for rolling it by hand took another six pages!
      It works, even for, or perhaps especially for, absolute novices like me. Do try it.

      1. re: Goblin

        Thanks for the encouragement. I read the 12 pages this afternoon and thought I might be over-reaching. Mine will need to be rolled by hand.

        1. re: MidwesternerTT

          I can't wait to read about your success! Her directions are really useful. Keep us all posted!

          1. re: Goblin

            My review is up now, Goblin. Edible but not a repeater for me.

    2. Thanks BigSal, great set up and intro.

      1. Thanks muchly, Sal. Nicely categorized. Here's hoping I can make it through November w/o having to quit in the middle.

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            1. re: jpr54_1

              Q and JPR thank you. Not 100% but I'm working on it. Trying to recover from the BRAT diet. No appetite, Bon or otherwise.

              1. re: Gio

                Poor thing. I went through that about a week ago. I was supposed to chaperone a school field trip. Drove over an hour to get there, having to stop twice on the way. The teacher took one look at me and said "go home." No fun at all, but it does pass fairly quickly. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

              1. Hello all
                I'm planning to make the Risotto with Sausages from Pg. 257 of Essentials and I am a bit confused by the sausage in the ingredient list. It calls for "mild, sweet pork sausage, cut into disks about 1/3 inch thick"

                Am I correct in assuming that I should go with a sweet (as in not spicy) Italian sausage? I also assumed she wants you to use raw sausage, but then the instruction to slice and saute seems odd since I would usually remove from the casing and crumble.

                Have I interpreted incorrectly, any assistance from any old hands at Italian cuisine would be much appreciated.

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                1. re: delys77

                  Just read through this recipe and it does appear that you slice the sausage; and it is sweet [not spicy] sausage. I would still remove the casing. I think she wants that nice brown sweetness that sautéeing sliced sausage gives you. Probably looks prettier as well.

                  1. re: smtucker

                    Thanks smtucker, I'll give it a try. I just assumed raw sausage would crumble when slicing. Either way, I'm sure the flavour will be nice.