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Oct 31, 2013 07:20 PM

Hudson Kitchen

We're booked for this coming Saturday night. Has anybody been yet?

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    1. re: pourboi

      I'm a follower ... not a leader:) Do you think he will post a reply?

      1. re: ComerDemonio

        Went couple weeks back, not bad , service was best I've had in a long time. The broccoli was the stand out, also had the flank steak decent , Terrine was good, seared . Rissotto special to blah, tasted like chef boy ardee, but then again it was with pepperoni and heavy with red sauce. Would go back , because of the stellar service

      1. re: elasticwaistband

        Pretty good overall. The broccoli salad was tasty with some charred and some steamed, a couple of slices of serrano ham, and some Spanish cheese. The barley in the wild mushroom salad was much better than the actual mushrooms ... good but not great. The gnocchi with chestnuts and squash was also good but not great either. Woodlot and Noce both do far superior gnocchi. I liked the flank steak quite a bit which is saying something since I rarely order a steak when eating out.

        The wine list was also pretty good. Lots of reasonable options in the $50 range and then a jump to a bunch of options around $100.

        Service was attentive. They started us off a little to fast but definitely heard us when we asked them to slow it down a bit. They were definitely on top of things without being in our faces.

        We had a 10:00 PM reservation and so the crowd was thinning by the time we arrived. A few empty tables when we got there and quite a few more when we left around midnight. Still had a great atmosphere and people were fairly relaxed.

        $210 with tax and tip in for two people with a bottle of wine and two cocktails. I would go back.

        On a side note, I went to see "12 Years a Slave" earlier in the evening which was produced by Brad Pitt.