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Oct 31, 2013 06:59 PM

Help us trim our Paris restaurant list from 8 to 5

We'll be in Paris for a week in mid-November. We plan to cook at our apartment 2 times (Sunday and Monday), and don't typically do much for lunch. That leaves us with 5 dinners. After looking at this board, other boards and blogs we have a list of 8 possible places for dinner. As you see, we generally like low key places with comfort food that are moderately priced. We also have the dilemma of returning to somewhere that we know and enjoy or trying something new. Here's the list, all advice welcome!

Les Papilles (been twice, loved it both times)
Bistrot Paul Bert (been once, loved it)
le 6 Paul Bert
Bistrot Belhara (near our apartment)
L'Affriole (near our apartment)
La Regalade Conservatoire (or Honore)


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  1. Jeez.
    Well, I haven't been to L'Affriole in years and not to Richer since Alexandre Giesbert left for Roca (which BTW is terrific) but Charles Campagnon has an unerring touch in hiring good chefs, so it's probably good.
    I was not blown away by the Conservatoire and haven't been back to St Honore in a while.
    So I'd work my way down your list from the top.
    Another bistrot you might consider nearby is the Bistro Bruyere which Laidback thought was quite good (I'm going next weekl).

    1. Well, if you are trying to eliminate ... le 6 pops out at me as a less precise fit with your criteria of low-key moderately-priced comfort food. The cuisine tilts a bit more modern (a couple of raw or lightly-cooked fish options, lighter tarter dressings rather than cooked sauces and so on) and the 42 or 44 euro menu makes it quite easy to end up north of 120 euros for two including wine.

      1. Drop L'Affriolé, there is nothing particularly interesting there.

        Bistrot Paul Bert and Le 6 Paul Bert might be a little redundant. Drop one.

        Le Richer has lost its valuable chef, the plates are just as small as ever and the owner just as, um, erratic in his welcoming as ever.

        See, I trimmed it for ya.