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Oct 31, 2013 06:41 PM

ING NYC Marathon Dinner on Staten Island?

Staying on Staten Island the night before I run the marathon on Sunday. My wife's from Staten Island, so I'm no stranger to the area. But wondering if anyone had any Italian restaurant suggestions. Obviously, great pasta is a must. Also, I have 2 small boys, so a family place.

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  1. Trattoria Romana on Hylan Blvd is the best Italian restaurant on the Island. Amazing family atmosphere, chef and owner Vito comes up to every table to make sure that everything is great; food never disappointed. We have friends coming from Brooklyn and NJ to go to this place. We used to take our daughter there since she was 2, and its been 9 years since then and she loves it.

    1. Second the Trattoria Romana suggestion. Best pasta dish far and away is fettucine paglia and fieno (house made fettucine w/ sausage/mushrooms/peas/prosciutto). I always insist on ordering something new, my wife always gets the fettucine, and I always end up eating half of hers. Pizza and such for the kids, too. Not cheap.